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Data Storytelling & Reporting Course

📊 Work with Data efficiently & effectively

✅ Acquire Data Visualisation know-how & best practices

💡 Develop captivating Stories!

➡️ Apply Data Storytelling in practice

Course Format:

Online (Video)

In-Person (4 hours)


Beginner to Advanced


Basic Excel & Analytical skills

Data Storytelling & Reporting Course Agenda

Reporting Fundamentals ⚙️

  • Reporting Planning [Walkthrough]

  • Reporting Best Practices

  • Reporting Frameworks

  • Reporting with Clarity

Data Visualisation Techniques 📊

  • Data Visualisation Best Practices

  • Creative Data Visualisation Techniques

Data Storytelling In Practice 💡

  • Storytelling Frameworks

  • Storytelling Frameworks in Practice

  • Crafting a Story using Data (via examples)

Who is the Data Storytelling and Reporting course for:

Digital Marketing Professionals, Data Analysts, Performance Marketers, Content Creators, Project Managers and product Managers who would like to:

✅ Develop Influencial Reports

✅ Level Up their Reporting Game

✅ Improve Data Visualisation Skills

✅ Communicate Data-Driven Insights

✅ Apply Data Storytelling

✅ Influence Stakeholders using Data

✅ Analyse Data with Confidence

About the Instructor

Sotirios Seridis
Founder & Head of Product Marketing, XYZ Lab

Digital Marketing Trainer & Instructor, on a mission, to train and upskill the next generation of digital marketing leaders in South East Asia.

Professional Experience:

  • Ex-Business Education Trainer at Facebook (via Rubicor)

  • Ex-Havas, Omnicom, WPP (Performance Marketing)

  • Hands-on practitioner, actively working on digital marketing campaigns

  • Trained 20+ companies in Google Ads, SEO, Analytics & Paid Social

  • Trained 2,000+ career changers in digital marketing, enabling them to secure a role in tech

  • Up-skilled over 1,000 individuals in digital marketing & Analytics


"Very easy to follow with strong practical techniques for direct application."



"Short and simple. A clear framework that can be applied in the future."



"The trainer moved at a good pace and explained things very clearly. I learned a lot and can definitely apply these learnings to my job."



Frequently Asked Questions

Will this course help me to create data stories using data across all marketing channels?

Yes, the course is designed to teach you everything you need to get started with data storytelling using any data set. You will acquire a practical understanding of data storytelling techniques and data visualization best practices that we can use in any setting.

Is this course hands-on? Will I be able to practice data storytelling after attending the course?

Yes! The course will focus on practical data storytelling tips and data visualization best practices, as well as presentation techniques to help you go from theory to practice. You will also have the chance to work on a data storytelling challenge, on a real-life data set.

Do I need to have any prior experience in data analytics or any other tools to be able to attend the course?

The course does not require any prior experience in data analytics, digital marketing, or any specific data visualization tools. You will be able to follow through with the examples to learn how to develop compelling data stories regardless of your previous background or experience.

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