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Digital Campaign Planning Template

Download our FREE Digital Campaign Planning Template,
including everything you need to plan your Digital Campaign quickly & easily 📊

What's included in the Digital Campaign Planning Template:

  • Easy & simple to use Digital Campaign Planning Template

  • Includes everything you need to plan for to launch your next campaign

  • Plan for multiple Digital Marketing Channels

  • Download in Google Sheets / Excel format

Who should download our Free Digital Campaign Planning Template?

  • You are a startup founder or business owner looking to strategize more effectively

  • You are a Digital Marketing Professional, looking for marketing strategy templates

  • You are a Digital Marketing agency looking to better plan and strategize for your digital marketing projects

How to use the Digital Campaign Planning Template


  • ⚙️ Select the marketing channels you will be using for your digital marketing campaign and break them down by tactics


  • 📊 Allocate budget for each marketing channel - break down budget allocation by individual campaigns



  • 📅 Set your digital marketing campaign's start and end dates



  • 🎯 Define campaign targeting



  • ⚙️ List all the assets needed to activate your marketing campaigns (think creatives, copy and landing pages)



  • ⚙️ Assign clear responsibilities to your team members to activate, monitor and optimise the campaign effectively 

Frequently Asked Questions on the Digital Campaign Planning Template

A digital marketing campaign template includes the following information:

  • Campaign Name

  • Business Objective

  • Communication Objective / Message

  • Total Campaign Budget

  • Breakdown of marketing channels and tactics

  • Start and End date for each marketing tactic

  • Information on Targeting, Assets needed and people responsible for each marketing tactic

What goes into a Digital Campaign Planning template?

How can I use a Digital Campaign Planning template?

Here's how you can use a Digital Campaign Planning template:

  • Define Campaign Objectives: Clearly state the specific goals and objectives you want to achieve with the digital campaign. Whether it's increasing website traffic, generating leads, boosting sales, or improving brand awareness, having clear objectives is essential.


  • Communicate your Target Audience: Determine your target audience for the campaign. Define their demographics, interests, pain points, and online behavior. Understanding your audience will help tailor your messaging and content accordingly.


  • Choose Digital Channels: Select the digital marketing channels you will use for the campaign. This could include social media, email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, and more.


  • Set Budget and Timeline: Establish a budget for the campaign and allocate funds to each digital channel. Set a timeline for the campaign's start and end dates, as well as key milestones and deliverables.


  • Craft Messaging and Content: Develop compelling and targeted messaging that resonates with your audience. Create content that aligns with your campaign goals and suits each chosen digital channel.


  • Design Landing Pages: If relevant, create landing pages that are optimized for conversions and guide visitors to take the desired actions.


  • Assign Responsibilities: Identify team members responsible for each aspect of the campaign, such as content creation, design, advertising, and analytics.


  • Implement Tracking and Analytics: Set up tracking mechanisms and analytics tools to measure the performance of your campaign. Define key performance indicators (KPIs) that align with your campaign objectives.


  • Monitor and Optimize: Throughout the campaign, closely monitor the performance of each digital channel. Analyze the data, identify what's working well, and make necessary adjustments to optimize the campaign's results.


  • Share with Stakeholders: Present the Digital Campaign Planning template to key stakeholders, including team members, managers, and executives, to ensure alignment and gain support.

What is the best format to create a Digital Campaign Planning template?

A campaign planning template is better presented on any of the following file formats: 

  • Google Sheets 

  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx) 

  • PowerPoint (.pptx) or equivalent 

Who is responsible for creating a Digital Campaign Planning template?

The responsibility for creating a Digital Campaign Planning template typically lies with the marketing team or the digital marketing specialist within an organization. However, the process of creating the template can involve collaboration and input from various stakeholders, including: 

  • Marketing Managers: Marketing managers play a crucial role in overseeing digital marketing campaigns and ensuring that they align with the overall marketing strategy. They often provide guidance and direction for the template creation process. 


  • Digital Marketing Specialists: Digital marketing specialists are experts in various digital channels and tactics. They contribute their knowledge and expertise to craft a comprehensive and effective campaign plan. 



  • Content Creators: Content creators, such as copywriters, graphic designers, and videographers, provide input on content creation, design, and messaging for the campaign. 


  • Data Analysts: Data analysts help in setting up tracking mechanisms and defining key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the success of the campaign. 


  • Sales Team: The sales team can provide insights into customer pain points, objections, and feedback, which can be valuable for shaping the campaign strategy. 


  • Product Managers: For product-specific campaigns, product managers contribute by providing information about product features, benefits, and target audience. 


  • Management and Executives: Leadership and executives provide strategic direction, budget approvals, and support for the overall marketing efforts.

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