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GA4 Website Looker Studio Reporting Template

Download our FREE Website Looker Studio Reporting Template for GA4, including everything you need to get started with your eCommerce Measurement 🚀

What's included in the Website Looker Studio Reporting Template for GA4

  • Plug & Play GA4 Website Looker Studio Reporting Template

  • Top Level Website Performance Metrics

  • Website Performance Breakdowns by Channel and Device

Who should download our Free E-Commerce Looker Studio Reporting Template for GA4?

  • You are a Digital Marketing Manager, looking to get started with GA4 Reporting

  • You are a Startup Founder or SME owner, looking for a Plug & Play GA4 Report

  • You are a Digital Marketing Agency looking for client-facing GA4 reporting templates

How to use the Looker Studio Website Report Template for GA4


  • 🖱️ Click on the Edit Button (Top right-hand-side)

  • 🖱️ Click on File > Make a Copy


  • 🖱️ On the new report, click on Page > Page Settings

  • 🔗 Connect your data source


  • 🪄 Customise your new GA4 Looker Studio report at will!

I grabbed the GA4 Looker Studio Reporting Template, what's next?

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Frequently Asked Questions on the E-Commerce Looker Studio Reporting Template for GA4

How can I connect my data source to the Looker Studio report?

Follow the below steps:

  • Make a copy of the reporting template

  • Navigate to Page > Current page settings

  • Connect your data source to the report

Or follow the steps on this video to learn how to connect your own data source in any Looker Studio Report!

What is included in the GA4 Website Looker Studio Report Template?

  • Top Level Website Performance Metrics: Sessions, Users, New Users, Bounce Rate, Average Session Duration, Event Count, Key Events (Conversions)

  • Performance by Date (Trendlines): Sessions and Users (Traffic), Events, Key Events (Conversions)

  • Channel Performance Table

  • Channel and Device Performance breakdowns

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