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What's included in the Google Ads Report Template:

  • Quick & Easy Google Ads Reporting Template - get started in minutes

  • Google Ads Performance Overview, Keyword Report, and Monthly Report templates

  • Pre-filled, formula-ready reporting tables to speed up your Google Ads Reporting

  • All the Google Ads metrics you need to measure your campaign performance

Google Ads Reporting Template

Download our FREE Google Ads Reporting Template, including everything you need to measure your Google Ads Campaigns quickly & easily 📊

Who should download our Free Google Ads Reporting Template?

  • You are a Google Ads Specialist, looking to get started

  • You are a Digital Marketing Analyst, looking for a quick & easy Google Ads reporting template

  • You are a Digital Marketer looking to organize your Google Ads reporting and measure what matters

I grabbed the Google Ads Reporting Template, what's next?

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