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Google Ads Reporting Template

Download our FREE Google Ads Reporting Template,
including everything you need to measure your Google Ads Campaigns quickly & easily 📊

What's included in the Google Ads Report Template:

  • Quick & Easy Google Ads Reporting Template - get started in minutes

  • Google Ads Performance Overview, Keyword Report, and Monthly Report templates

  • Pre-filled, formula-ready reporting tables to speed up your Google Ads Reporting

  • All the Google Ads metrics you need to measure your campaign performance

Who should download our Free Google Ads Reporting Template?

  • You are a Google Ads Specialist, looking to get started

  • You are a Digital Marketing Analyst, looking for a quick & easy Google Ads reporting template

  • You are a Digital Marketer looking to organize your Google Ads reporting and measure what matters

Google Ads Metrics that matter

How to Report on your Google Ads Campaign Performance


  • 📊 % Impression Share refers to the % of times your ads showed up on Google Search Results versus the total search queries that happened for the keywords you are bidding on (this metric is applicable only to Paid Search campaigns)



  • 📊 % CTR refers to the % of times your ads are clicked versus the total ad impressions your ads generated



  • 📊 Conversions is the most important Google Ads metric and refer to the number of actions people took on your website (for example sales, leads, file downloads, appointments, or anything else that matters to your business).



  • 📊 Cost per Conversion refers to the total marketing budget spent divided by the number of Conversions your Google Ads campaigns generated



  • 📊 Conversion Rate refers % of clicks that resulted in a Conversion

What is the best format for a Google Ads Report?

There are 3 formatting options to deliver Google Ads Reports:


  1. Google Ads Native Reports

  2. Google Sheets or Excel

  3. Looker Studio


Although there are pros and cons for every formatting option, our recommendation is to develop and deliver your Google Ads reports via Looker Studio. Alternatively, the second best option is to use our Google Ads Google Sheets Reporting template that can be downloaded on this page.

How often should I deliver a Google Ads performance report?

Ideally you should develop a Google Ads report via Looker Studio, accessible 24/7 and updating in real-time.


In terms of communicating your Google Ads campaign performance to your stakeholders, reporting delivery depends on your budget:


  • Small Accounts < $5,000 spent per month: Monthly Reports

  • Medium or Growing Accounts spending between $5K - $20K: Bi-Weekly Reports

  • Large Accounts spending over $20K per month: Weekly Reports


The above reporting time-frames are a good rule of thumb to follow, however please note that the frequency of your Google Ads reporting should always take into account your specific Google Ads campaign management and business needs.

Frequently Asked Questions on the Google Ads Reporting Template

Which metrics should be included in a Google Ads Report?

The most important metrics to include in your Google Ads reports are:


  • Conversions

  • Cost per Conversion

  • Conversion Rate


Conversions refer to the most important action users will be taking on your website - for example, sales,subscriptions, form completions etc.


You can also add the following supporting Google Ads Metrics to measure the health and performance of your Google Ads campaigns:


  • Clicks

  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

  • CPC (Cost per Click)

  • Search Impression Share


CTR and CPC will help you to measure the quality of your ad copies as well as the quality of your account structure and keyword or targeting relevance. Clicks will allow you to understand if your Google Ads campaigns are serving as expected. Search Impression Share will give you an indication of the size of the market relative to your Google Ads budget.

Get the Google Ads Reporting Template sent straight to your inbox!

Get the Google Ads Reporting Template straight to your inbox!

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