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Frequently Asked Questions

Is this Marketing Analytics Measurement course relevant to a specific channel or tech stack?

The course will take your through holistic marketing measurement, tracking and reporting. You will learn the difference between Business, Marketing and Brand metrics and you will be able to set meaningful Objectives & Key Results for your Organisation.

I am a beginner in Marketing Analytics & Measurement, will I be able to follow the content?

Yes, the course includes a good mix of theory and practice to take your from a total beginner in Marketing Analytics & Measurement to being able to plan, track and report on Business, Marketing & Branding Objectives for any organisation. You will also gain valuable technical knowledge on how tracking works and how to monitor metrics that matter.

Will we be able to ask Marketing Analytics-related questions and get guidance after the course?

Yes, you will be able to ask questions and get guidance on-demand upon enrolling to the course. Our aim is to get you started and guide you through your entire Marketing Analytics & Measurement journey!

Marketing Analytics & Measurement Course

➡️ Set Marketing Objectives & Key Results

📊 Define Business, Marketing & Brand Metrics

💡 Measure, Tack & Report on Metrics that Matter across both Paid & Organic Channels

🚀 Make Data-Driven Decisons with Confidence

Course Format:

Online (Video)
In-Person (12 hours)


Beginner to Advanced


Basic knowledge of Digital Marketing

Marketing Analytics & Measurement Course Agenda

Business, Marketing & Brand Metrics 📊

  • Understand the difference between Business, Marketing & Brand Metrics

  • Identify the Metrics that matter for YOUR Business

  • Tracking & Measurement Tech Stack

Objectives & Key Results 🚀

  • OKRs Planning (Objectives & Key Results)

  • Set Business, Marketing & Branding GOALS (Targets)

Paid Media Tracking, Measurement & Reporting 📊

  • Event Tracking Set Up via Google Analytics 4

  • Conversion Tracking Set Up on Google Ads

  • Event Tracking Set Up on Meta Ads

  • Paid Media Reporting [Templates]

Brand & Organic Social Measurement & Reporting 💡

  • Brand Metrics that Matter

  • Organic Social Metrics that Matter

  • Organic Social Reporting [Templates]

Analysing Data Trends & Uncovering Insights 📊

  • Holistic Business & Marketing Reporting [Templates]

  • Analysing Data to Make Data-Driven Decisions

Who is the Marketing Analytics & Measurement course for:

Digital Marketing Professionals, Startup Founders, Business Owners, Solopreneurs, Freelancers & Agency Owners who would like to:

✅ Measure Business, Marketing & Brand Outcomes

✅ Set Up Holistic Tracking & Measurement

✅ Set Objectives & Key Results

✅ Define GOALS & Business Targets

✅ Level Up Business & Marketing Reporting

✅ Analyse Data with Confidence

✅ Make SMARTER Marketing Decisions

About the Instructor

Sotirios Seridis
Founder & Head of Product Marketing, XYZ Lab

Digital Marketing Trainer & Instructor, on a mission, to train and upskill the next generation of digital marketing leaders in South East Asia.

Professional Experience:

  • Ex-Business Education Trainer at Facebook (via Rubicor)

  • Ex-Havas, Omnicom, WPP (Performance Marketing)

  • Hands-on practitioner, actively working on digital marketing campaigns

  • Trained 20+ companies in Google Ads, SEO, Analytics & Paid Social

  • Trained 2,000+ career changers in digital marketing, enabling them to secure a role in tech

  • Up-skilled over 1,000 individuals in digital marketing & Analytics


"This course introduced very useful and applicable frameworks that help identify problem points for businesses. The course also provides best practices for using digital marketing channels to achieve specific business goals."



"A very good balance of theory and practical application. By the end of the course, I had a clear idea of how to use what I learned for our organisation."



"The instructor is really passionate about what he does and shares relevant examples. His way of teaching is easy to understand too."



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