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Calculate your marketing budget beyond guesswork.

How does the Marketing Budget Calculator Work?

Revenue Target:
How much revenue do want to make in any given time period?

Avg. Order Value
How much money do you make on average, every time they purchase your products or services?

Cost per Acquisition (CAC)
How much do you have to spend on marketing and advertising activities to acquire a customer? In other words, what is your average cost per acquisition (CPA)?

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How can I reserve engineer my Marketing Budget Allocation?

In order to run a successful, healthy, and profitable business you must be on top of "your numbers".


Start by asking a few simple questions such as:


  • How much do you need to invest to acquire a single customer? Your CAC is a key growth metric that enables you to understand the investment you need to make to grow your business.


  • How much revenue do you make every time your customers purchase your products or services? Your average order value or customer lifetime value measures the profitability of your business.

How can I track my AVG. Order Value and CAC?

Digital Analytics is a MUST HAVE in today's digital-first world. Start by setting up the tools you need to measure your digital marketing performance correctly:

  • Google Analytics 4 provides end to end digital marketing tracking for your digital business

  • Google Data Studio enables you to visualize your data to identify trends and insights that matter

Are you looking for further advice and guidance to get started? Feel free to contact us and we'll help you to shed light on your digital marketing performance.

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