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Meta Ads Reporting Template

Download our FREE Meta Ads Reporting Template,
including everything you need to measure your Meta Ads performance quickly & easily 📊

What's included in the Meta Ads Reporting Template:

  • Easy & intuitive Meta Ads Report you can use for any campaign objective

  • Meta Ads Performance Overview, Ad-Set, Ads & Monthly Reporting templates

  • Formula-ready reporting tables to calculate your Meta Ads performance quickly & easily

  • All the Meta Ads metrics you need for meaningful campaign reporting

Who should download our Meta Ads Reporting Template?

  • You are a beginner or intermediate in Meta Ads, looking to get started with Meta Ads Reporting

  • You are a Digital Marketing Analyst, looking for a quick & easy Meta Ads reporting template

  • You are a Digital Marketer looking to organize your Meta Ads reporting and measure what matters

Meta Ads Metrics that Matter

How to Report on your Meta Ads Campaign Performance


  • 📊 Reach refers to the number of unique users that have seen your ads



  • 📊 Frequency refers to the number of times each unique user has seen your ads in a given time period



  • 📊 % CTR refers to % of clicks to your ads versus the total impressions (the total number of times your ads showed up)



  • 📊 Post Saves refer to the total number of times a user saved your ad



  • 📊 Results refer to the total actions (conversions) users took on your website or mobile app after clicking your ads (for example sales, leads, file downloads, appointment booked, or other meaningful actions for your business



  • 📊 % Results Rate refers to the total actions (conversions) users took on your website or mobile app after clicking your ads divided by the number of clicks your ads generated



  • 📊 Cost per Result refers to the marketing cost spent divided by the number of results (conversions) that your ads generated

What is the best format for a Facebook/Instagram Advertising Report?

The best format for a Meta Ads report will depend on your stakeholders and the purpose of your report. Here are some common file formats you can use for Facebook/Instagram advertising reports:

  • Native Meta Ads Reports

  • Google Sheets

  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

  • PowerPoint (.pptx)

  • 3rd party Dashboard Tools like Looker Studio, Tableau or Power BI

What are the most important Facebook/Instagram Advertising Metrics?

The most important metrics to include in your Meta Ads reports are:

  • Results

  • Cost per Result

  • Result Rate

  • Post Saves

  • Post Shares

  • Frequency

Results refer to the most important action users will be taking on your website - for example, sales, leads, subscriptions etc.

You can also add the following supporting Meta Ads Metrics to measure the health and performance of your Meta Ads campaigns:


  • Clicks

  • CTR (Click-Through-Rate)

  • CPC (Cost per Click)

Frequently Asked Questions on the Meta Ads Reporting Template

Which tools should I use to track my Meta Ads Advertising Performance?

You will need the following tools:

  • Meta Ads Manager (mandatory)

  • Google Analytics or equivalent tool (optional)

How often should I deliver a Meta Ads Advertising performance Report?

Ideally you should develop a Facebook/Instagram Advertising report via the native reporting tool on Meta Ads which can be accessible 24/7 by all stakeholders.

In terms of communicating your Meta Ads campaign performance, reporting frequency depends on your budget:


  • Small Accounts < $5,000 spent per month: Monthly Reports

  • Medium or Growing Accounts spending between $5K - $20K: Bi-Weekly Reports

  • Large Accounts spending over $20K per month: Weekly Reports

Please note that the frequency of your Meta Ads reporting should take into account your specific Facebook/Instagram Ads campaign requirements and business needs.

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