5 Content Marketing Myths Holding You Back

The digital marketing world is permeated with popular myths that can impede growth and stifle creativity.

When it comes to content marketing, the myths surrounding the topic tend to create a love-hate relationship between businesses and the process of content creation.

Hence, we set out to debunk the top 5 content marketing myths that would allow you to not only thrive, but grow in love with content marketing as a valuable tool for your business.

Myth 1: Content Marketing equals to Social Media / Content Marketing equals to articles

Busted: Content is not just about social media channels or articles

In order to deliver effective content in a consistent and sustainable manner, a solid understanding of the three content pillars is key.

Social Media Content (Day to Day)

  • Dies very quickly

  • Raise top of mind awareness

  • A Hamster wheel. Content needs to be pushed out religiously

Eg. Instagram Post/Story about

Evergreen Content

  • SEO-friendly

  • Always relevant

  • Evergreen content such as blog articles may future-proof your brand while unable to generate top of mind awareness.

Eg. Article on the best way to lose weight

Seasonal Content

  • Event Specific

  • Useful for a specific point in time

Eg. Webinar on the 5 ways to market in COVID 19

Content format can include but not limited to ebooks, webinars, podcasts, articles, infographics, images, videos, whitepaper etc.

Myth 2: Content Marketing is expensive/ Content Marketing is resource-heavy

Busted: Everything is Content!

3 pieces of content you can develop within the next hour

  • Share your opinion of the session on Linkedin

  • Share a behind the scenes photo of your team working from home

  • Share an update on what is coming up for your company

The key is to make content development a HABIT. Don’t look for perfection! Treat your business profile like your personal account. Provide a sneak peek.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Have every employee contribute 1 article every month.

  • Have every employee share 5 behind-the-scenes photos every month

  • Post as many Instagram stories you publish on your personal account for your business account

Myth 3: Sharing GREAT content is enough

Busted: Just creating amazing content is not enough, it has to be discoverable!

Always promote your best content and make it the centerpiece of your marketing campaign. Push it out on all channels and link to your content piece. Repurpose it for multiple channels if needed.

Myth 4: Content Marketing is Purely Digital

Busted: 3 non-digital content marketing ideas you can implement tomorrow:

  • Fridge magnets with useful information

  • USB sticks preloaded with your marketing material

  • Physical Guidebook, cookbooks, travel books etc.

Myth 5: Content Marketing is only for branding or it must drive sales

One of the most common misconceptions when it comes to content marketing. Many view content marketing as a shortcut for more sales and brand recognition.

Busted: Think Funnel

Content is more than a call to purchase, it is the centrepiece of your marketing efforts.

  • Awareness - Content that makes brand memorable (eg. Social)

  • Consideration - Content captures leads (eg. ebooks)

  • Purchase - Content prompts users to purchase (eg. Comparison guide)

  • Loyalty - Content prompts user to stay loyal (eg. How to guides)

An effective content strategy enables you to build brand trust, generate leads, and strengthen the bond with your audience that would help them convert (and keep converting), in the long run.

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