Top 5 Facebook Advertising Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Facebook advertising is a powerful tool with an ever-evolving algorithm that if used effectively, can produce tremendous results for your business. However, there are some crucial Facebook advertising mistakes to avoid!

Mistake 1: “Boosting” Posts

Though convenient, you are not taking advantage of what Facebook Advertising has to offer when you boost posts.

What to do instead: Use Facebook Ads Manager

1. Select your campaign objective

Indicating the main objective of your campaign would allow Facebook to optimise your budget effectively.

2. Access more targeting options

Allows you to be specific with the type of audience you would like to target based on behaviour, demographics, location etc.

3. Access better analytics

Monitor your campaign in an organized and structured way. When boosting posts, the system automatically creates campaigns, ad sets, and ads for you, making monitoring and determining what’s working and what isn’t, unnecessarily tedious.

Mistake 2: Selecting the wrong objective or trying to “kill 2 birds with one stone”

A campaign is most effective when it’s laser-focused.

Be it brand awareness, lead generation, or conversion, campaigns with differing objectives require different sets of copywriting and visual assets in order to achieve their maximum effect.

It is perfectly okay to have multiple objectives in mind. The key is to be clear on the goal you would like to achieve for each campaign.

What to do instead: Clarity on objectives

1. Develop one campaign per objective

2. Allocate budgets by objective

3. Customize copywriting by objective

Mistake 3: Not using the Facebook Pixel

What is a Facebook Pixel?

It’s a little piece of coding you can insert in every page of your website. The pixel remembers everyone who comes onto your website from Facebook and Instagram; monitoring the number of people that clicked on an ad, landed on our website, and made a purchase or took an action.

It is useful for collecting data on user behaviour, allowing you to build targeted audiences for future ads and remarketing purposes.

Mistake 4: Not using Custom Audiences

Avoid stopping at just Behavioural targeting.

Custom Audience is a powerful feature with high conversion potential that’s often overlooked.

With Custom Audiences, you will be remarketing to individuals who have shown a certain level of interest in your products, which makes them much easier to convert as compared to users who have no prior experience with your brand.

What to do instead: Create a Remarketing Audience

1. Users who interacted with your website

Targets visitors who clicked on your ad, arrived on your website but did not make a purchase after browsing.

Eg. People who visited Product Page but did not add anything to Cart.

2. Customer list

Create an audience from your customer list or CRM Database.

Eg. Users who have indicated a certain level of interest in your products/services by signing up for your newsletter..

3. Users who interacted with your business profile

Target visitors who interacted with your social media channels.

Eg. Visited your Instagram page, engaged with your post, or sent a message to your profile.

Watched 50% of our videos

4. Lookalike audience

Find customers who display similar consumer behaviour to those who have made a purchase.

Mistake 5: Running with a single ad

Facebook uses machine learning to determine how to best use your marketing budget.

By not offering options for the system to test and optimize, you are also missing out on valuable consumer insights.

What to do instead: Develop as many ad formats as possible

Run with multiple visuals and pieces of copywriting to determine what resonates best with your target audience.

Dynamic ads - Provide multiple visuals and copywriting for optimization..

Creative Hub - Allows you to create posts featuring images, videos, carousels, slideshows, and instant experience etc.

  • Develop at least 10 images

  • Develop at least 2 short videos

  • A/B Test continuously to determine what works best for your audience

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