5 Ways to Supercharge Your Email Marketing

Email marketing remains the number one channel in terms of Return-on-Investment (ROI); surpassing all other channels including Google and Facebook.

Here are 5 ways to supercharge your email marketing campaigns and make the most out of your email lists!

Tip #1 Take advantage of triggered emails

Triggered emails are an incredible opportunity for nurturing leads and cross-selling.

Be it a welcome email, cart abandonment message, or subscription renewal reminder, every triggered email is an opportunity for you to establish trust and foster a meaningful connection with your target audience that would help them convert down the road.

You can add value to your customers by providing useful content that would allow them to better achieve their goals.

Eg. Thank you for the download (ebook) and welcome! Here are five other articles that might be of interest to you OR thank you for your purchase! Check out these few other products!

Tip #2 Keep it personal

Speak their language and ditch that sales jargon.

Make your brand relatable by using words your audience is familiar with.

Readers are much more inclined to engage and buy from brands they feel emotionally connected to.

Tip #3 Keep it real

Emails are not promotional brochures.

Keep it simple.

Prioritize text and hyperlinks.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to speak directly to your audience by cluttering the email with heavy imagery and styles that drown out the core message you are trying to communicate.

Steer clear of salesy language to avoid having your emails categorized under spam and promotional.

Tip #4 Embrace Drip Campaigns

If you bombard your audience with salesy emails pushing them to make a purchase at every turn, that’s what they will be expecting from you.

Drip Campaign allows you to create a funnel and engage prospects with helpful content that guides them towards becoming paying or returning customers.

The aim is to create an expectation within your subscribers to expect valuable content whenever your email pops up in their inbox.

Keys to having an effective email drip campaign

  • Automated email sequences

  • Value-adding content

  • Sell from time to time

Tip #5 Subject lines that work

Subject lines can make or break your email marketing efforts. Here are a few examples:

1. [Value] in this email

Eg. [Ebook] supercharge your facebook ads

2. Embrace the emoji

Eg. Our brand-new course is live! 😎

A quick scan of your inbox and you would discover that headlines with emojis often stand out. Remember to use them in moderation as excessive emojis can make your email appear unprofessional.

3. FOMO syndrome

Eg. Selling out! Last chance!

4. Benefits first, features second

Eg. Become a better cook/ Understanding your perfect customer

People buy products and subscribe to newsletters for various reasons. To lose weight, learn a new set of skills, maximize profits for their businesses. Help your audience to picture the situation in which they’re one step closer to achieving their goals after having read your email.

Bonus Tip

1. Content Marketing

Content marketing is the most powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to collecting email addresses.

Create an extremely valuable piece of content (lead magnet) that prospective customers are willing to exchange their email addresses for will allow you to have a list of quality leads.

2. Smart pop-ups

Many email marketing software gives you the ability to trigger pop-ups at the right time.

Eg. Only show pop-up when a user stays on site for more than 2 minutes. Show pop-ups for users who scroll through 70% of the page.

3. A/B Test everything!

From subject lines to the type of emails and language used, A/B testing allows you to identify what works best for your business.

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