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How to Apply Ad Scheduling (Dayparting) in Meta Ads

Have you noticed how some days of the week or hours of the day may result in better conversions? Sometimes, your audience may be more active during certain days or hours, so it is a great idea to apply ad scheduling in order to direct your ads during these lucrative times. This easy, step-by-step guide (with screenshots!) will show you how to apply ad scheduling (dayparting) in Meta Ads! A word of advice before we get started, make sure to look at your data to customize your ad schedule.


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In case you find yourself in need of some video guidance, here's a quick 3-minute tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

Topics Covered:

Step 1️: Navigate to your Meta Ads Manager and create your Campaign

Step 2️: When creating a new Ad Set, navigate to the Budget & Schedule section

Step 3️: Switch to Lifetime Budget

You can only apply Ad Scheduling on a Lifetime Budget.

Step 4️: Click to open "Show more options"

Step 5️: Check the box next to "Run ads on a schedule"

Step 6️: Customize your Ad Schedule

What's the Difference between Daily Budget and Lifetime Budget?

Daily budget:

A daily budget allows you to set the exact amount of budget per day. As such, it gives you more control over how much budget is spent on a day-to-day basis. However, using a daily budget doesn't allow you to use ad scheduling.

Lifetime budget:

A lifetime budget allows you to set an amount of budget to spend for the entirety of the campaign duration that you set. As such, you're giving more control to the system to manage the ad spending on a daily basis. This will result in fluctuating ad spend; some days you might spend less and some other days you might spend more. However, with lifetime budgets you're able to apply ad scheduling.


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