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How to Adjust Session Timeout in Google Analytics 4 (GA4)

By default, every session in Google Analytics 4 (GA4) will last a maximum of 30 minutes. This means when you visit a website, if you leave the website inactive (move to a different tab, etc) and leave it for more than 30 minutes, then the session will end automatically. This is what is referred to as the default session timeout. In GA4, we have an opportunity to adjust this number and change the session timeout to any amount of time that we'd like. This quick and easy guide will show you how to adjust session timeout in Google Analytics 4!


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In case you prefer to watch a video, here's a tutorial you can find on XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

Topics Covered:

Step 1️: Navigate to Admin

Step 2: Navigate to Data Streams (under the Property Column)

Step 3: Click on your Data Stream

Step 4: Click on "Configure tag settings"

Step 5: Under Settings, click on "Show all"

Step 6: Click on "Adjust session timeout"

Step 7: Adjust the session timeout


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