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Install Google Tag Manager on WIX Website

If you're just starting out your WIX website and you're thinking of tracking activities and interactions within your website, then you can read on! In this guide, we will show you how to install Google Tag Manager on your Wix website in easy, broken-down steps (with screenshots). Let's go ahead and get started!

Before we begin, if you'd like to check out a video tutorial instead, here's a 4-minute tutorial you can follow from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

Topics Covered:


Step 1: Create a new Google Tag Manager account and GTM Container

1. Navigate to and click Create Account

2. Account setup: insert name and country

3. Container setup: insert container name and select location of installation (i.e. website, Android/iOS application, etc)

4. Click Create and agree to the Terms and Conditions

You'll land on a screen with instructions about GTM installation codes, in which you have to copy and paste the codes into the <head> and after the opening <body> tag. In the case of WIX, you don't actually need these tracking codes, but your GTM ID.

Step 2: Copy your Google Tag Manager ID

Copy your unique GTM ID located on the top of the page or on the Admin panel.

Step 3: Navigate to your WIX dashboard

You can navigate to your WIX dashboard using the link .

Step 4: Navigate to Marketing and SEO

Step 5: Select Marketing Integrations

Step 6: Select Google Tag Manager

In our case, we have already connected the GTM previously, otherwise, you can click on Connect.

Step 7: Paste your Google Tag Manager ID

Step 8: Click Save


There you have it, a very simple way to install GTM on your WIX website. Now you can start creating events and tags so you can track all the fun things happening on your website and use the information for your marketing strategy. Enjoy!


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