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Updated: May 5

Why join a Startup Accelerator?

Carving out a career as an entrepreneur takes guts.

But building and scaling a successful startup requires individuals to have more than a great reserve of courage and drive.

With all the complexities involved from developing an idea, to pitching the idea as a feasible business in exchange for funding, having someone who is able to point you in the right direction while avoiding the nasty rookie pitfalls along the way will save you lots of time and tons of pain.

Startup Accelerators are designed to do just exactly that.

By providing the necessary ecosystems for aspiring entrepreneurs to turn ideas into profitable businesses, Startup Accelerators function as the launching pad for entrepreneurs at various stages of the Startup journey.

Be it only having an idea but no clear plan forward, or requiring funding to scale your company, there is a startup accelerator out there that would meet you right where you are.

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Entrepreneur First Singapore

Who is it for: Aspiring Entrepreneurs, looking to get started Do you need to have an idea: Not necessarily

Focus: Tech Startups

Duration: 3 months

Apply here:

Entrepreneur First (EF) is for aspiring entrepreneurs who are looking to build a team and a technology-focused startup. Unlike many traditional ‘accelerators’ that require a developed business idea to pitch to investors, EF assists innovative computer scientists and ambitious engineers in developing deep-technology companies from scratch.

The first 14 weeks, known as FORM, will be spent on finding the right co-founder and developing and refining one’s business idea. At the end of FORM, participants are expected to pitch to the Investment Committee to gain funding.

Selected team will proceed to a three months long phase known as LAUNCH, where the team would take part in structured training and work with experienced advisors to accelerate their growth. All the effort and hard work will culminate in a region-wide Demo Day, where teams will present their companies to hundreds of leading investors in the world.

Lastly, selected teams will then attend several weeks of fundraising office hours, where investors will be invited in with the goal of raising a seed round that will allow participants to grow and scale.

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Build 80 by Reapra

Who is it for: Ideation stage or those who have recently started building their business

Do you need to have an idea: Yes

Focus: Asset-light and scalable business in fields where there are no known dominant players

Duration: Dependent on progress (approximately 5 to 9 months)

Apply here:

Build 80 is a venture builder programme under Reapra that looks at aspiring founders or founders at an early stage of their startup journey. Reapra helps startups to reduce the risk of failure by functioning as a co-founder that helps to turn innovative ideas into profitable businesses.

Build 80’s applicants should be at Seed or Series A funding levels, with a few exceptions. Those whose applications are successful will be invited for a week-long “Sprint”, which they will be involved in a series of meetings focused on assessing the potential of their business ideas.

Applicants whose ideas are deemed a good fit for the Build 80 programme will proceed to kickstart their entrepreneurial journey with the hands-on support from the Reapra team and partners.

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Antler Singapore

Who is it for: Aspiring Entrepreneurs, looking to get started

Do you need to have an idea: Not necessarily

Focus: Tech Startups

Duration: 6 Months

Apply here:

Antler specializes in supporting aspiring entrepreneurs who may not possess anything concrete besides drive, grit, and a really good idea. Antler allays the common fears of budding entrepreneurs by providing support that demystifies the entire process of building a company from scratch.

From finding suitable co-founders, to providing world-class mentorship, Antler supports passionate individuals in their entrepreneurial journey and helps transform potential ideas into successful businesses.

To help participants focus on building their businesses, each individual will receive an individual grant during the first phase of the program to help offset some living costs. The second phase will include companies who have been selected to receive continued support leading up to the investment round.

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Who is it for: Early stage Tech Startups

Do you need to have an idea: Yes

Duration: 3 to 4 months

Focus: Impact-driven Technology startups

Apply here:

Understanding that no two startups are alike, ImpacTech believes in providing personalized support for each startup that joins its programme.

Besides bringing together innovative startups to develop market changing technologies and products, ImpacTech believes strongly in preparing entrepreneurs to be future leaders who will make a positive impact in the world. Hence, the program seeks to enhance soft skills such as self-leadership, negotiation skills, influencing techniques, which will enable each graduated startup to “Do Well by Doing Good”.

Teams will kick start the program by first defining its goals, milestones, and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) by which the performance would be measured. Teams will then be assigned experienced mentors who will provide the guidance and support they need throughout the duration of the program.

Participants will also be engaging in special sessions with leading investors and influential companies, allowing them to glean entrepreneurial wisdom that can be incorporated to refine their business as they prepare for “Demo Day”.

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The Unilever Foundry

Who is it for: Mature Startups

Do you need to have an idea: Yes

Duration: Long-term partnership with Unilever

Focus: Tech, Ecommerce, Supply Chain, Logistics

Apply here:

The Unilever Foundry seeks mature startups to engage in partnerships with the goal of addressing the strategic priorities of Unilever’s brands and functions. Spaces such as Digital Marketing, Ad Tech, Enterprise Tech, Ecommerce, Wellness, and Supply chain are the areas of interest in which Unilever is looking to make an impact.

The partnership programme has helped pilot more than 200 startups and has invested approximately $20m till date.

Interested applicants should already have a proven product, service, or technology that has been tested in the market that they are ready to pitch to Unilever if shortlisted. Successful pitches will be granted the opportunity to pilot with one of the Unilever brands. A budget will also be allocated to cover the cost of developing the pilot if the pitch to The Foundry is successful.

In the event that Unilever wishes to partner with a startup following a successful pilot, both parties will enter a new agreement on a case-by-case basis.

If the above startup accelerators are not for you, have a look at the full list below.

The complete List of Startup Accelerators in Singapore:

  1. Tribe Accelerator

  2. Accelerating Asia

  3. Found8 Elevate SG Founder Programme

  4. HyperX hackathon-to-accelerator programme

  5. Oracle Startup Accelerator

  6. Muru-D

  7. Startup Autobahn Singapore

  8. Collective Campus Corporate Accelerator

  9. Singapore Ampersand Accelerator

  10. EthAum Accelerator

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