Top 10 Chrome Extensions for Digital Marketers

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The internet is filled with a ton of software, apps, and browser extensions that can help you accomplish more with less effort and time!

While software and apps can be incredibly useful, they often flood you with more information than what’s needed at that very moment. Hence, for marketers who value efficiency without having to abandon the data-driven mindset, having the right browser extensions would allow you to enjoy the best of both worlds!

Here are 10 of the best Chrome extensions every digital marketer oughts to use!


What it does: Identify Hex color codes

Why you’ll love it: Accurate sampling, time-saving

Who is it for: Content Marketer, Graphic Designer, Digital Marketer

ColourZilla is a colour sampling tool that allows content creators to accurately sample and identify colours of their choosing. With just one click, the beautiful colour you see on the page is being identified for you, eliminating the need for guesswork and saving you a ton of time!


What it does: Save and compile useful resources into a easy-to-read format

Why you’ll love it: Clean aesthetics, convenience

Who is it for: Digital Marketers, Content Marketer, Social Media Marketer

Too many opened tabs is a productivity killer.

Often known as a “read it later” app or an “offline reading tool”, Pocket is an indispensable extension for individuals who are allergic to unused opened tabs. It allows you to save valuable resources and revisit them in a distraction-free space and format at a later time with relative ease. Compatible with most social media platforms and news sites, Pocket allows you to save anything from articles to videos.

When it comes to compiling a trove of great content ideas for inspiration, there is no better extension for the job than Pocket.

Page Analytics

What it does: Understand how visitors interact with your website

Why you’ll love it: Gain valuable insights on your audience’s behaviour, obtain data for website optimisation

Who is it for: Performance Marketer, Content Marketer

When it comes to your website, understanding what’s working and what isn’t is essential. Without this information, you will be leaving money on the table as you’ll have visitors bounce and dropping off your website without ever making a purchase.

Page Analytics allows you to understand how visitors navigate and interact with your website. This nifty browser extension is able to provide important data such as pageviews, bounce rate, and conversion attribution; arming you with all the information you need to determine test results and optimize your webpage, content, and digital strategy for better user experience.


What it does: Identifying the right keywords

Why you’ll love it: Affordably priced, multipurpose tool

Who is it for: Digital Marketer, SEO specialist

While keyword research is crucial for a large percentage of work you do as marketers, most free keyword research tools aren’t exactly useful.

The best alternative is to buy a comprehensive paid tool that would cost you a kidney.

Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest is the revolutionary browser extension that plugs the gap. The tool provides marketers with important information such as SEO keywords rankings and search volume estimates, allowing you to accurately identify relevant keywords your competitors are ranking for.

The tool also displays the top performing pages of every domain you visit, allowing you to gain insight into the content and products visitors are interested in.


What it does: Lead Generation

Why you’ll love it: Access to a large amount of data, makes reporting easy

Who is it for: Digital Marketer

BuiltWith is a comprehensive lead generation tool that allows marketers to improve their campaign management strategies by granting them access to data from leads across the world.

What sets BuiltWith apart is it’s sophisticated filtering functions. You’ll be able to retrieve in-depth data about your target audience and turn them into highly-targeted reports with relative ease.


What it does: Helps you stay focused on your task

Why you’ll love it: Helps you stay productive at no cost

Who is it for: Anyone who needs a little nudge to stay on task!

With an infinite number of distractions just a few clicks away, StayFocused helps you stay on task and accomplish your goals as a worker in the digital age as you’ll plant a seed destined to grow into a mighty tree in 30 minutes if you manage to stay on task and refrain from visiting websites listed on your “Blacklist”.

In the case where you fail to resist the allure of Youtube or online shopping before time ends, the tree would wither away. Ultimately, users who’re determined to participate in the tree’s flourishment will no doubt find that the ones who have truly grown, are themselves.


What it does: Identify spelling and grammatical errors

Why you’ll love it: Time-saving and hassle-free

Who is it for: Everyone

Imagine spending hours coming up with the perfect blog post, just to have it ruined by a typo. For marketers and writers who’ve spent hours researching and creating quality content, proofreading is understandably the last thing on their minds.

The nifty Grammarly chrome extension acts as a reliable safeguard against embarrassing mistakes that may lead to catastrophic results.

Besides identifying existing typos and grammar mistakes, Grammarly also predicts and alerts users to potential errors before they are being committed. When it comes to proofreading and spell checks, this is one of our personal favourites and arguably the best of its kind in the market!


What it does: Discover your competitors’ best performing posts and what resonates best with your audience

Why you’ll love it: Arms you with the information to develop effective content strategies

Who is it for: Social Media Marketer, Content Marketer, Digital Strategist/Marketer

If you’re a digital marketer, it’s likely that your work involves monitoring the movements of your competitors and the content they push out. The Buzzsumo Chrome extension allows you to discover what resonates with your target audience by identifying your competitors’ best-performing content.

By displaying the pageviews, social media shares, and backlinks among other details, the Buzzsumo extension reduces tedious competitive analysis to a simple and straightforward process.

For content marketers finding themselves running out of fresh ideas, Buzzsumo would be a valuable addition to your creative arsenal.

Check My Links

What it does: Identify broken links on your website

Why you’ll love it: Simple to use

Who is it for: SEO Specialist

Broken links are a nightmare.

Just a few broken links are enough to derail all the hard work you put into making your webpage a valuable resource for your visitors. While broken links are more common than we hope, Check My Link is a quick solution that comes in the form of a browser extension that crawls through your webpage and highlights all broken links that are negatively impacting your SEO and user experience. After each completed crawl, the extension notifies the website’s administrators via email a list of links that require fixing. It’s that simple.

Similar Sites

What it does: Identify competitors and similar brands

Why you’ll love it: Time-saving

Who is it for: Digital Marketer, Content Marketer

Ever wondered if there exists a magic bullet to competitive analysis? Hoping for a tool that would grant you unfettered access to a secret list of major and minor competitors in your industry?

Similar Sites is the browser extension for the job! With just one click, it introduces you to a whole list of websites similar to yours. Allowing you to quickly discover competition, potential partners, and prospective customers that could be of tremendous value for your business and overall marketing strategy.

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