Top 12 Digital Marketing Resources to Follow

Updated: May 5

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There is no shortage of marketing resources on the internet.

That said, having to run through a deluge of sub-standard content with contradictory information can be pretty exhausting.

We have saved you the hassle by compiling a list of the best digital marketing resources available, across all core marketing disciplines:

  1. Performance Marketing

  2. SEO

  3. Social Media

  4. Podcasts

Performance Marketing Resources

Search Engine Watch

As the name suggests, Search Engine Watch keeps a close eye on all things Search Engine related. Besides being a great resource for marketers looking for information on Search Engine related topics, Search Engine Watch also provides valuable resources on other aspects of marketing, such as a guide to Omnichannel Marketing Automation, webinars on display advertising, and insights to changing marketing trends due to Covid-19 etc.

Search Engine Land

When looking to boost one’s marketing knowledge, Search Engine Land remains one of the most recommended resources by marketers. Similar to Search Engine Watch, users are able to catch up on the latest updates in the marketing world and find plenty of helpful articles and guides devoted to various topics beyond Search Engine Marketing and Optimisation. Some of the useful tools available for download are the SEO Periodic Table, PPC Periodic Table, and buyer’s guides such as the Enterprise SEO Tools: A Marketer’s Guide.

PPC Hero

When it comes to performance marketing, one can always count on PPC Hero to save the day. From addressing burning questions such as strategies to building customer loyalty during a crisis, to uncovering the most important metric businesses should be tracking to supercharge their marketing strategy and efforts, PPC Hero is a repository of well-researched and user-centric articles and tools that any marketer would benefit from.

SEO Resources

The Ahrefs Blog

The team behind the All-in-one SEO toolset that has helped countless companies rank on search engine result pages (SERP), also puts out high value content for free with the goal of helping individuals of varied professions improve their SEO efforts. Be it an aspiring blogger who’s trying optimise her website, or an established business looking for tips to enhance its SEO strategies, AhRefs has the answers. With its content neatly into broad categories such as SEO Basics, Keyword Research, and Link Building, users are able to quickly locate articles that address their queries. Some of the helpful articles include actionable SEO tips, link building strategies, and a guide to doing keyword research etc.

Google Webmasters Blog

Google Webmaster Central Blog provides regular updates regarding the Google index. According to an article by Moz, Google releases an average of 9 updates to its search algorithms every single day, with the occasional broad changes known as “core updates”. The goal is to ensure that Google is consistently presenting relevant and authoritative content to its searchers.

The Webmaster Central Blog communicates the important changes in articles written in an informational yet concise manner. Addressing topics such as mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal, and the importance of page-experience etc. First time readers who feel slightly disorientated by the vast amount of resources available on the blog can start here.

Income School

For those who prefer to consume their content in video format, Income School does videos addressing a wide range of topics that most users would benefit from. Be it SEO Tips or strategies to growth hack your way to a successful Youtube Channel, Income School delivers valuable information and actionable tips in bite-size format that condenses all that you need to know into short clips that are usually 15 mins or less.

A perfect resource suitable for those who favour videos over written content.

Social Media

Social Media Examiner

One can’t discuss social media without mentioning Social Media Examiner; the world’s largest social media marketing resource that specializes in helping companies harness the power of social media for their businesses. Besides well-researched reports and topical articles, Social Media Examiner also produces video tutorials and experts interviews that are brimming with insights and tips which audiences would greatly benefit from.

No matter if you are dipping your toes into the pool that is social media marketing, or searching for ways to enhance your already wildly successful social media marketing strategy, Social Media Examiner got you covered.

Facebook for Business

One of the most powerful tools at the disposal of every business is Facebook. If users are an adequate metric to gauge valuation, Facebook’s reign as the king of social media continues in 2020 as the platform boasts a staggering 2.6 billion active users every month. For businesses looking to capitalise on Facebook’s ubiquitous reach, Facebook for Business offers courses aimed at educating businesses on ways to set up ad campaigns on both Facebook and Instagram.


One of the big names when it comes to social media marketing. From branding building to delivering customer care, Hootsuite allows brands to dominate social media marketing with ease. Filled with image-filled articles organised neatly into categories, Hootsuite enables readers to deep dive into the sea of social media chatter without the fear of drowning.

Be it branding strategy and tactics, or research and trends, Hootsuite allows businesses of all sizes to incorporate social media marketing with its invaluable resources.


The Digital Marketer

Bringing valuable insights to listeners on a weekly basis, The Digital Marketer Podcast addresses topics regarding the ever-changing marketing landscape. Delivered in a conversational and light-hearted manner, the hosts (Garrett Holmes & Jenna Snavely) discuss various aspects of marketing with industry experts who dispense practical wisdom and personal experiences that are bound to resonate with every listener.

Some of the topics of discussion include crafting the perfect email newsletter, fundamentals of course building, and technical SEO for newbies etc.

Marketing over Coffee

Catchy headlines and juicy discussions are the bread and butter of Marketing over Coffee. Beyond the attention-arresting headlines, listeners can expect nothing less than meaningful discussions with authors and subject matter experts on topics such as context marketing, leadership, and category design.

For the uninitiated, Marketing Over Coffee’s light-hearted and topical approach makes it an invaluable resource that’s easily digestible at any time of the day.

Ah, a personal favourite!

The day the team behind the widely influential Copyblogger decided to dip their toes into the podcast space, marketers around the world shed a tear (of joy). Like dining at a posh restaurant, the copy wizards and content strategists of consistently deliver high-quality content to its audience with every new episode.

Each episode of Rainmaker,fm is jam-packed with insightful goodness and topped with a headline that encapsulates the core essence of the discussion,allowing listeners to search for the answers they need with ease.

Share your favourite digital marketing resources with us!

Which resource do you find the most helpful?

Did your favourite resource make the list?

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