Top 5 Free SEO Tools for a Complete SEO Stack

Updated: May 5

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Want to grow your website traffic without spending all that hard earned money on Facebook ads?

The key is in keeping your website SEO optimized.

With literally hundreds of SEO tools out there, you only want the best in your toolbox - even better if they don’t cost a dime.

So, we went ahead and weeded out all the clunky ones and left you with our top 5 go-to free SEO tools that make SEO work easy(ier).


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When you come across a supposed “trusted” resource but the writer isn’t gushing over Neil Patel’s Ubersuggest, click off and look elsewhere. When it comes to SEO, or anything organic, one would be hard pressed to find a reliable list that doesn’t have Ubersuggest somewhere around the top.

The reason is obvious.

Apart from being a content goldmine, Ubersuggest’s strength lies in its ability to extract accurate data and valuable insights, allowing marketers to reverse engineer their competitor’s most effective strategies.

Be it discovering popular keywords, top-performing content, or building quality backlinks, Ubersuggest has everything you need to develop a comprehensive SEO strategy.

With a single click, the “Keyword Analyzer” section populates your screen with popular keywords, trending pieces of content, and topic-related questions your target audience are asking. The “Competitor Reports” section reveals which of your competitor’s pages are ranking for popular keyword phrases.

You can then identify content gaps and use the information to your advantage. Alas, no more wasting time crafting content and writing posts that no one wants to read.

Lastly, Ubersuggest’s powerful “SEO Explorer ”reveals pesky SEO issues to be fixed and grants you access to the sources from which your competitors are gaining these coveted backlinks.

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools

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Been looking high and low for a SEO tool that actually delivers on its promises?

Ahrefs Webmaster Tools is a simple tool with firepower that rivals some of the best paid products on the market. Its interface boasts a clean dashboard, providing a general overview while each section can be clicked through for an in-depth report.

Without plowing through multiple reports, its “Top Issues” section helps you prioritize your SEO efforts by highlighting major issues that require your immediate attention.

Making the already seamless user experience almost frictionless is the abundance of tooltips. Each of the grey question mark icons contains a detailed explanation that allows users to learn and navigate the tool with ease. Every answer you need is always just a click or two away.

Link Miner

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There’s no escaping link building when your goal is to rank on Google SERPs.

While the process of mining quality links can be hard work, LinkMiner let’s you strike digital gold without breaking your back. Simply key in the url to your competitors’ website and watch LinkMiner dredge up valuable backlink opportunities you could readily include in your link building strategy.

What separates LinkMiner from other link building tools on the market is its user-centric design. While link building tools often require you to toggle back and forth between viewing content and evaluating the site based on the metrics, LinkMiner’s intuitive interface lets you preview content right on the site - saving you precious time for actual link building work.

Moreover, LinkMiner streamlines the process of link building by allowing you to save URLs and have them neatly categorized for later use. For marketers looking for a tool dedicated to building links in the most efficient manner, go ahead and take LinkMiner for a spin.

Word Counter-Plus

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Word Counter-Plus is a browser extension that does exactly what its name suggests.

Count. Words. Quickly.

Simply highlight some text on the webpage, right click on it, and select Word Counter Plus to view information such as Word Count, Character Count, Word Density, and Longest Word Length.

In a nutshell, Word Counter-Plus saves you the trouble of having to copy & paste content into Google Docs just to find out the word count.

Who needs more opened tabs, right?


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No more strained eyes from manually tracking down every rel=”nofollow” in the source code.

NoFollow is a nifty browser extension that makes identifying nofollow links and noindex meta tags a walk in the park. Silently running in the background, Nofollow automatically outlines every nofollow link with an unmistakable red box, allowing you to quickly identify links that aren’t sending that precious link juice your way.

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