Top 5 Skills You Need to Land a Job in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is not a monolith.

On the contrary, the industry consists of a wide array of roles that require different skill sets to accomplish the tasks involved.

Becoming a T-Shaped Marketer

The skill sets required for a digital marketer can be broken down into 2 main categories: the analytical and the creative. To succeed in the field of digital marketing, one should strive to be a T-shaped Marketer.

A T-shaped Marketer is equipped with a wide breadth of basic knowledge across many overlapping disciplines while possessing deep knowledge, experience, and capability in one or a few fields.

For marketers who are starting out, having a combination of skills from each category will greatly increase one’s employability.

10 Most Important Digital Marketing Skills

A close examination of the top digital marketing roles on LinkedIn, can reveal the key skills needed to secure a role in the industry:

Hard Skills (Top 3 + 2 Hard Skills)

  1. Excel, PowerPoint, Keynote, Google Sheets, Google Slides

  2. Numerical Competency > Ability to calculate: ROI, CPA, CAC, CVR, CTR, CPC etc

  3. Web know how > Understand how URLs and tracking work

  4. Familiarity with Google Ads and Facebook Ads (plus)

  5. Familiarity with Email Marketing such as MailChimp and Hubspot (plus)

Soft Skills (Top 3 + 2 Soft Skills)

  1. Copywriting

  2. Strong organization skills

  3. Problem-solving skills

  4. Inherit Creativity (plus)

  5. A natural curiosity for everything digital (plus)

Types of Digital Marketers

Here is a breakdown of job scope and responsibilities for each type of digital marketers that are currently in demand.

  • The performance Marketing Geek

PPC Advertising, Analytics and Excel, Media Planning and buying, Coding.

  • Content Marketing Guru

Creative with social media, Copywriting, Content Writing, Project Management, Content and social media calendar. SEO and Photoshop and graphic, and UX.

  • The Social Media Expert

Social media content development, create visual very quickly, fundamentals of copywriting, social media promotion, understand social analytics.

  • The All-Rounder

Master project managers, basics of Media Planning and buying, basics of performance marketing and email marketing. Know how Google analytics and Google Ads work.

Bonus tip:

Tailor your CV to include specific keywords the industries of your interest tend to look out for.

Useful Resources

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