Google Ads Campaign Optimisation Course

Walkthrough every aspect of Google Ads campaign optimisation via real-life examples.

Undestand how to leverage bidding strategies and deploy winning ad-copies.

Course Format

Half-day (3 hours)

Competency Level



Familiarity with Google Ads and Paid Search campaign management


Course Agenda

Google Ads Optimisation Beyond Basics

• Learn how to develop a winning account structure, tailored to your business objectives.

• Learn how to deploy conversion action and leverage attribution to improve campaign performance.

• Understand how to deploy and manage bidding strategies effectively.

Advanced Google Ads Optimisation Tactics

• Understand the details hintering your campaigns' performance.

• Understand how to optimise for Quality score and how to improve your Landing Page Experience.

• Learn how to set-up and run Google Ads Experiments.

Who Should Attend

Marketing Managers

Marketing Directors

Digital Marketing Managers

Digital Marketing Directors

Brand Managers

SEO Specialists

Media Leads

Startup Founders

Junior Data Analysts

Master Audiences & Remarketing Techniques

• Understand how to best utilise Remarketinhg Lists for Search Ads (RLSA).

• Understand how to plan and deploy a winning remarketing strategy.

• Learn how to leverage audiences to inform your campaign's targeting.

Three Key Takeaways

‣ Master Google Ads Campaign Optimisation

‣ Deploy Winning Responsive Search Ads

‣ Leverage Audiences & Remarketing effectively

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"The trainer is great! He covered lots of areas and provided sufficient examples and demos. Great workshop as well!"

"The trainer managed to break this topic down into parts that were digestible and easy to understand."

"The course was one of the most detailed sessions I have attended, but Sotirios was able to fully explain it from a marketer’s perspective which was quite refreshing."

Participant Testimonials:

A few words about the Course Trainer

Sotirios Seridis
Founder & Head of Product Marketing, XYZ Lab

Experienced performance marketing professional and digital marketing trainer with over 10 years of multi-national experience working with leading media agencies and corporations on media planning & buying, digital analytics, and marketing automation.

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