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What is Sleek?
Sleek is a comprehensive business incorporation and corporate services platform.

Sleek offers a seamless and efficient way to start and manage a company in Singapore.

Who is Sleek for?
Sleek is designed to cater to the needs of entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses seeking a hassle-free and reliable solution for establishing and running their businesses in Singapore.

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What is Firstbase?
Firstbase is a platform that simplifies the process of starting a company in the USA, offering an efficient solution for business incorporation.


Who is Firstbase for?
Firstbase is designed for entrepreneurs, startups, and businesses looking to easily and affordably incorporate a company in the United States.

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What is Aspire?
Aspire is a digital banking platform in Singapore that caters to the financial needs of businesses, providing a range of banking services designed for entrepreneurs and SMEs.

Who is Aspire for?
Aspire is ideal for small and medium-sized businesses in Singapore seeking modern and efficient banking solutions tailored to their specific financial requirements.

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What is Mercury?
Mercury is a modern and technology-driven banking platform in the USA that provides a range of financial services tailored to businesses.

Who is Mercury for?
Mercury is designed for startups, tech companies, and other businesses in the United States looking for a streamlined and innovative banking solution to manage their finances effectively.

✅ Use this link to open your Mercury account. Deposit $10,000 and earn a $250!


​What is Wise?

Wise is a global financial platform that simplifies international money transfers and currency exchange, offering cost-effective and transparent solutions for individuals and businesses.

Who is Wise for?

Wise is for anyone looking to send money internationally or handle transactions in different currencies efficiently. It's particularly useful for expats, travelers, freelancers, and businesses with global financial needs.

✅ Use this link to open your Wise account and win a fee-free transfer of up to €500 when transferring funds in a different currency



​What is Kajabi?
Kajabi is an all-in-one platform that empowers course providers, educators, and community builders to create websites with integrated features like courses, CRM, community engagement, and podcasts, all while enjoying zero revenue fees.

Who is Kajabi for?
Kajabi is ideal for course creators, educators, and community leaders seeking a streamlined platform to host their content, manage customer relationships, and build a thriving online community without revenue-sharing fees.

✅ Are you a course provider, educator, or community builder? Build a website with Kajabi to bring you courses, CRM, community, and podcasts under one roof while enjoying 0% revenue fees!


What is Typeform?
Typeform is a versatile online platform that helps you create engaging and interactive forms, surveys, and quizzes, making it easy to generate leads and boost form submissions.

Who is Typeform for?
Typeform is for businesses and individuals seeking a user-friendly and effective way to collect data, generate leads, and enhance conversion rates across various channels, from websites to social media.

✅ Are you looking for the best tool to generate leads and form submissions? Create a Typeform account and ramp up your conversion rates on any channel!

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