Search Engine Optimisation Courses

Master the art and the science of Search Engine Optimisation. Learn via live walkthroughs and practical exercises or choose to download the slides and self-learn at your own pace.

SEO Strategy Crash Course.png

Duration: 3 Hours

Level: Intermediate



  • Understand what SEO entails

  • Research your Industry SERPs

  • Develop an SEO Strategy

  • Search-friendly Content Strategy

  • Link Building Strategy
  • Managing SEO Agencies
  • Monitoring SEO Performance

Duration: 3 Hours

Level: Intermediate


  • SEO Fundamentals

  • Technical SEO Fundamentals

  • Keyword Research Fundamentals

  • On-Page SEO implementation

  • Develop Search-Friendly Content

  • Link Building Outreach Fundamentals

  • SEO Reporting Dashboard

SEO Reporting Template.png

Duration: 3 Hours

Level: Advanced


  • Advanced Keyword Research

  • SEO Content Strategy

  • Briefing Content Writers

  • Content Deployment

  • Content Audit & Optimisation

SEO Strategy Course.png