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🚀 Audit your SEO strategy: Are your SEO efforts moving the needle? Shall you keep investing in SEO via the current strategy?

📊Audit your Technical SEO efforts: Are you optimizing our Core Vitals properly?

👩‍💻 Audit your Content: Is your content delivering organic traffic? What is your content lacking to deliver results?

Detailed SEO Guidance with Actionable Recommendations 🚀

Receive an SEO Audit that goes through every aspect of your current SEO performance - including specific recommendations on how to improve your SEO performance.

Boost your SEO Performance with confidence 🎯

On-Page SEO & UX Analysis 📊

We take review every aspect of your current page structure and SEO copywriting to deliver new wireframes and ready-to-apply SEO copywriting for all your key pages.

Content Gap Analysis ✏️

Identify the gaps in your content strategy and keyword coverage. Learn how to optimise your content marketing efforts to grow your organic traffic.

Detailed Keyword Research🎯

Receive a detailed keyword research document, analyze and re-calibrate your SEO efforts to rank for the right keywords.

Review Indexation & Coverage ⚙️

Understand which parts of your website need to be re-worked and which pages are delivering strong SEO results for your website.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do you need to deliver an SEO Audit?
Can we speed up the process?

We normally deliver SEO Audits in anywhere between 5 to 7 days, depending on your website's size, complexity & the available data. In order to ensure the best quality and usefulness of the SEO Audit, we advise you to stick to the given timeline. You can always contact us at to discuss the project's deadline.

Can you offer SEO Audits for non-English websites?

We can deliver SEO audits in the following languages: English, Indonesian, Malay, Vietnamese & all major European languages. We can also deliver SEO audits for every location.

Can you deliver SEO Audits for every vertical?

Yes, we have delivered SEO Audits for B2B, B2C, SaaS, Tech, E-Commerce, EdTech, and Travel companies. We are able to deliver SEO Audits for young companies and startups of any shape and size.

We used to rank well for SEO  but not anymore, can you help to identify why and how to reverse this?

Yes, we can help you to identify the root cause of why your SEO results plummeted and we will provide you with actionable recommendations on how to reverse the downward trend.

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