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SEO Reporting Template

Download our FREE SEO Reporting template,
including everything you need to get started with your SEO Measurement 🚀

What's included in the SEO Report Template

  • Easy & Simple SEO Report template you can start using today

  • Straightforward instructions on how to get started

  • Meaningful reporting to keep track of the most important SEO metrics

  • SEO Report template that can be filled without the need for paid SEO tools

Who should download our Free SEO Templates?

  • You are a beginner or intermediate in SEO, looking to get started with SEO Reporting

  • You are an experienced SEO professional, looking for quick & easy ways to report on SEO

  • You are an SEO agency looking to organize your SEO Reporting

SEO Metrics that matter

How to Report on your SEO Performance



  • 📊 Impressions refer to the total number of times your pages showed on Google Search Results, regardless of the average position



  • 📊 Average Position refer to the total number of times users clicked on your Organic Results and landed on your website pages



  • 📊 Clicks refer to the total number of times users clicked on your Organic Results and landed on your website pages



  • 📊 % CTR refers to the total number of times users clicked on your Organic Results divided by the total impressions (the total times your pages showed on Google Search results)



  • 📊 Sales, Leads, or other business outcomes (Conversion) refers to the total actions users took on your website as a result of your Organic Search Traffic

Frequently Asked Questions on the SEO Reporting Template

What are the most important SEO Reporting Metrics?

  • Organic Clicks (Traffic): This metric shows the number of visitors who come to your website through organic search results. It is a fundamental metric to measure the overall performance of your SEO efforts.


  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): CTR measures the percentage of users who clicked on your website's link in the search results after seeing it. A higher CTR indicates that your meta titles and descriptions are engaging and relevant to users.


  • Average Position: The average position in search results for your site, using the highest position for your site whenever it appeared in search results. 

What is the best format for an SEO Report?

​​Ideally you should create an SEO report via Looker Studio, accessible 24/7 by all stakeholders.

Alternatively, you can consider the following file formats:

  • Google Sheets

  • Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)

  • PowerPoint (.pptx)

Which tools should I use to track my SEO Performance?

The only tool you need to measure your SEO Performance is Google Search Console. Third party tools like Semrush, Ahrefs or equivalent can enhance your SEO reporting and insights, but they are not mandatory to report on SEO.

What are the different kinds of SEO Reports I should create?

Here are some essential SEO reports you should consider creating:

  • Organic Traffic Report: Analyze the organic traffic to your website over a specific period. This report will show how well your SEO efforts are driving visitors to your site.


  • Website Technical Audit Report: Perform a comprehensive audit of your website to identify technical issues, on-page SEO factors, and opportunities for improvement. This report will serve as a foundation for your SEO strategy.


  • Content Performance Report: Assess the performance of your content, such as blog posts and landing pages. Identify high-performing content to replicate its success and find areas for content improvement.


  • Site Speed Report: Assess the loading speed of your website's pages, as it directly impacts user experience and search engine rankings.


  • Link Building Report: Monitor your ongoing link-building efforts, outreach, and link acquisition progress.

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