What's included in the On-Page SEO Template:

  • Quick & Easy On-Page SEO Checklist to get started with

  • Easy way to organize your On-Page SEO and keep track of every little detail

  • Easy way to optimize your On-Page SEO elements within the optimal character counts

  • Single source of truth to keep track of your On-Page SEO

What's included in the SEO Report Template

  • Easy & Simple SEO Report template you can start using today

  • Straightforward instructions on how to get started

  • Meaningful reporting to keep track of the most important SEO metrics

  • SEO Report template that can be filled without the need for paid SEO tools

What's included in the Search-Friendly Article Brief Template

  • Simple & clear template to create a work-ready Search Friendly Article Brief

  • Easy way to keep track of every little detail your SEO content writers need to get started

  • Clear guidelines on how to structure the article brief

  • Example of a work-ready, real Search Friendly Article Brief

What's included in the SEO Keyword Research Template

  • Comprehensive SEO Keyword Research template you can start with instantly

  • Clear instructions on how to get started with your SEO keyword research

  • SEO Keyword Research template that can be filled without the need for paid tools

  • Advice on how to use the SEO Keyword Research to start ranking higher on SERPs

What's included in the SEO Link Building Template

  • Work-ready Link building template you can start updating instantly

  • Clear instructions on how to get started with your Link Building Outreach

  • Link Building template that can be applied to every SEO niche

  • Link Building tracker and Link Building reporting template

Work-Ready SEO Templates

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  • You are an SEO agency looking to organize your workload

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