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Telegram Ads Specs

Find the latest Telegram Ads specifications
Explore Telegram Ads campaign best practices and optimization tips!

✏️ Telegram Ads Specs

💬 Telegram Ads

  • Each ad consists of an ad text and a button that opens a link to the advertised product

  • You must direct users to a Telegram channel or bot. External links are not permitted​

  • The ad link and the link in the ad text must both lead to the same destination

  • The language of the targeted channel must be the same as the language of the ad and of the destination

  • Maximum Ad text: 160 characters

Telegram Ads Tips and Best Practices:

Best Practices:

✅ Make full use of Telegram's features such as stickers, polls, and quizzes to create interactive content

✅ Post consistently to keep your Telegram channel active and your audience engaged

✅ Test multiple text options to better optimise your paid ads


💡 Hand-pick Telegram channels for better targeting!

Unfortunately no. External links are not permitted.

Can I use Telegram Ads to send traffic externally?

Yes, allows Web3 and crypto Telegram channels to advertise in the platform.

Can you advertise Web3 and crypto channels on Telegram?

Navigate to Telegram Ads or use a service like

How can I start advertisinjg on Telegram?

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