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When is the next

Co-Founders Matching Event?

Join Co-Founders Matching to get invited!

How did Co-Founders Matching Singapore start? Read our story!

Co-Founders Matching was founded by 2 startup enthusiasts in Singapore, in August 2017. Our mission was to create an event where the hero is YOU! The aspiring startup founder, who has a burning desire to leave the 9-5 rat race to pursue a startup dream!

Our first event took place at PIXEL Labs, in the National Design Centre. We were incredibly nervous and unsure of what to expect. At the time, we had no prior experience in organizing events but in the end... everything went according to plan!

Co-Founders Matching Singapore

For those who want to build their own startup but don't want to do it alone, this meetup group is for you to meet others with complementary skills and matching dreams. We create an inviting and safe space for aspiring Co-founders to meet one another.


Who should attend Co-Founders Matching?

Aspiring startup founders and startup enthusiasts looking for co-founders, partners, or exploring new startup ideas!

How does Co-Founders Matching work?

Introduce yourself and/or pitch your startup idea in 2 minutes. Exchange contact details to network with potential co-founders or collaborators!

What can you expect in a Co-Founders Matching event?

Meet, network, and partner with like-minded people! We create an inviting and safe space for aspiring Co-founders to meet one another.

We want to inspire you and everyone who attends Co-Founders Matching to make your startup ideas a reality! Co-Founders Matching aims to be that first spark in your startup journey!

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