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LinkedIn Ads Specs

Find and download the latest LinkedIn Ads specifications

Explore LinkedIn Ads campaign best practices and optimization tips!

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LinkedIn Ads Tips and Best Practices:

Best Practices:

✅ Select campaign objectives aligned with your business goals

✅ A/B Test different copywriting options and outreach scripts

✅ Communicate the benefits and unique selling points of your product, service, or solution

✅ Create LinkedIn campaigns targeting both cold and warm audiences (prospecting and remarketing)


💡 Target job titles and people working in specific companies for optimal results

Yes, LinkedIn supports video ads. These can be particularly effective for storytelling or showcasing products or services in a dynamic way.

Can Video Ads Be Used on LinkedIn?

Shorter videos (under 30 seconds) tend to perform better for engagement and message retention, although you can upload videos up to 30 minutes long.

What’s the Ideal Length for Video Ads on LinkedIn?

While LinkedIn allows for a decent amount of text in ad creatives, it's often best to keep the message concise and clear. Overloading with text can reduce engagement.

How Much Text Can I Include in My Ad?

Yes, LinkedIn offers Carousel Ads, which allow advertisers to showcase multiple images and links in a single ad.

Can I Use Carousel Ads on LinkedIn?

Frequently Asked Questions

on LinkedIn Ads Specifications

Download the LinkedIn Ads Specifications 📥

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