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Reddit Ads Specs

Find and download the latest Reddit Ads specifications

Explore Reddit Ads campaign best practices and optimization tips!

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Reddit Ads Tips and Best Practices:

Best Practices:

✅ Video ads perform best in 4:5 ratio and static ads perform best in 4:5 or 1:1 ratios

✅ Always add text overlay on your images

✅ The optimal video length for Reddit Ads is 60 seconds

✅ A/B Test at least x2 or more Ads


💡 Keep headlines under 150 characters for easy reading

Reddit offers several ad formats, including promoted posts, display ads, and video ads, each with different specifications and use cases.

What Types of Ads Can I Run on Reddit?

Yes, video ads are supported on Reddit.

Can I Use Video in My Reddit Ads?

Shorter videos tend to perform better, aligning with the quick browsing habits of Reddit users.

What’s the Recommended Length for Video Ads on Reddit?

Yes, Reddit has introduced carousel ads, allowing advertisers to use multiple images to tell a story or showcase a range of products.

Can I Use Carousel Ads on Reddit?

Frequently Asked Questions

on Reddit Ads Specifications

Download the Reddit Ads Specifications 📥

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