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TikTok Ads Specs

Find and download the latest TikTok Ads specifications

Explore TikTok Ad campaign best practices and optimization tips!

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TikTok Ads Tips and Best Practices:

Best Practices:

🎥 High-Resolution video, 720p or higher

🎥 Overlay Sound, Music, or Voiceover

🎥 Top performing videos are between between 21 and 34 seconds

🎥 Add Video Captions


💡 Be as Authentic as possible and feature humans or human narration

💡 Think concepts such as “how-tos”, “software tutorials”, “showcase the features”, “showcase the benefits”

Shorter videos (15-30 seconds) tend to be more engaging and effective for ads.

What is the Ideal Length for TikTok Video Ads?

Content that is entertaining, engaging, and blends in with the organic content on TikTok often performs better. Authenticity and creativity are key.

What Type of Content Works Best for TikTok Ads?

Vertical videos are preferred on TikTok as they take up the full screen on mobile devices, making them more engaging for viewers.

Should TikTok Ads Be Vertical or Horizontal?

Sound plays a crucial role in TikTok videos. Using popular music or catchy tunes can greatly enhance the effectiveness of your ads.

How Important Is Music or Sound in TikTok Ads?

Frequently Asked Questions

on TikTok Ads Specifications

Download the TikTok Ads Specifcations 📥

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