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Google Ads Benchmarks Worldwide 🚀

Access the FULL LIST of Google Ads Benchmarks in 107 countries worldwide, including CPC, CTR, Cost per Acquisition (CPA), and Conversion Rate (CVR)!

Access the Full List of Google Ads Benchmarks Worldwide📥 

What's included in the List of Google Ads Benchmarks

📊 Cost per Click (CPC)

📊 Click-Through-Rate (CTR)

📊 Cost per Acquisition (CPA)

📊 Conversion Rate (CVR)

🌎 Covering 107 countries worldwide

📥 Downloadable format (Google Sheets)

💫 LIFETIME ACCESS to the Google Ads Benchmarks

Countries Included:

​Google Ads Benchmarks in APAC:

Google Ads Benchmarks in North America:

Google Ads Benchmarks in Latin America:

​Google Ads Benchmarks in India Subcontinent:

​Google Ads Benchmarks in Europe:

Google Ads Benchmarks in Central Asia:

Google Ads Benchmarks in the Middle East & North Africa:

Google Ads Benchmarks in Africa:

Frequently Asked Questions
about the Google Ads Benchmarks

What are Google Ads benchmarks?

Google Ads benchmarks are industry-specific averages for key performance indicators (KPIs) such as click-through rate (CTR), cost per click (CPC), conversion rate (CVR), and cost per acquisition (CPA). They provide a reference point for advertisers to assess the performance of their campaigns and identify areas for improvement.

How are Google Ads benchmarks calculated?

Google Ads benchmarks are compiled from data collected on millions of campaigns across various industries. The data is analyzed to identify average values for key metrics, such as CTR, CPC, CVR, and CPA. These averages are then categorized by industry to provide insights into performance expectations for specific types of businesses.

Why are Google Ads benchmarks important?

Google Ads Benchmarks are a valuable tool for advertisers because they:

  • Help set realistic goals for campaign performance

  • Identify areas where campaigns are underperforming

  • Provide a basis for comparing campaign performance across different industries

  • Inform data-driven decision-making about campaign optimization

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