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Google Search Specs

Find and download the latest Google Search asset specifications

Explore Google Search campaign best practices and optimization tips!

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Google Search Campaigns Tips and Best Practices:

Best Practices:

✅ Provide ALL the available headlines and description lines to achieve optimal performance

✅ Must-Have Assets: Brand Name, Brand Logo, Sitelinks, Callouts, Structured Snippets

✅ Assign a bid strategy aligned with your business objectives to each of your Google Ads campaigns

✅ Set the right primary conversion targets for your Google Ads account


💡 Focus on targeting keywords and phrases with high intent

💡 Add negative keywords every week to prevent budget wastage due to irrelevant queries

The primary assets in Google Search Ads are headlines, descriptions, display URLs, and ad extensions.

What are the main assets in Google Search Ads?

No, you cannot use emojis and certain symbols are often restricted or discouraged to maintain a professional appearance of the ads.

Can I use special characters or emojis in my ad text?

Google automatically determines which extensions to display based on factors like the user's device, location, and search terms, as well as the performance of your ad extensions.

How does Google decide which extensions to show with my ad?

Yes, A/B testing is a common practice in Google Ads. You can test different headlines, descriptions, and extensions to see which combinations perform best via Google Ads Experiments.

Can I run A/B tests on different ad assets?

​Frequently Asked Questions
on Google Search Ads Specifications

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