Google Ads Campaign Optimisation Course

➡️ Action Quick Wins

📊 Optimise above & beyond best practices & AI recommendations

💡 Systemise Campaign Optimisation actions

🚀 Unlock your full Google Ads Growth potential

Course Format:

6 hours (full-day)

Online or in-person


Beginner to Advanced


Basic knowledge of Google Ads

​Google Ads Campaign Optimisation Course Agenda

Google Ads Essentials 📊

  • Google Ads Campaign Types Explained

  • Develop a Paid Search Account Structure (via real-life examples)

  • Ad-Copies & Ad Extensions best practices (via real-life examples)

  • Campaign budgeting exercise

  • Campaign set-up walkthrough

Google Ads Campaign Optimisation 🚀

  • Google Ads Conversion tracking set-up

  • Paid Search campaign optimization checklist

  • Bidding strategies explained

  • Audiences for campaign optimization

  • Paid Search A/B Testing Roadmap

Google Ads beyond Paid Search​ 👩‍💻

  • Performance Max campaigns walkthrough

  • Google Display Network and YouTube Campaigns set-up

  • Mobile App campaigns set-up

  • Shopping campaigns set-up

Who is the ​Google Ads Campaign Optimisation course for:

Startup Founders


Freelancers & Agency Owners

Marketing Managers

Marketing Directors

Digital Marketing Managers

Digital Marketing Directors

Brand Managers

SEO Specialists

Media Leads

SEO Content Writers​

Content Editors

Junior Data Analysts

About the Instructor

Sotirios Seridis
Founder & Head of Product Marketing, XYZ Lab

Digital Marketing Trainer & Instructor, on a mission, to train and upskill the next generation of digital marketing leaders in South East Asia.

Professional Experience:

  • Ex-Business Education Trainer at Facebook (via Rubicor)

  • Ex-Havas, Omnicom, WPP (Performance Marketing)

  • Hands-on practitioner, actively working on digital marketing campaigns

  • Trained 20+ companies in Google Ads, SEO, Analytics & Paid Social

  • Trained 2,000+ career changers in digital marketing, enabling them to secure a role in tech

  • Up-skilled over 1,000 individuals in digital marketing & Analytics


"The trainer is very knowledgable on digital marketing specifically with Google Ads. I definitely learned a lot of ads strategies/hacks that I did not know before."


 I can say this workshop definitely upgrade my knowledge from basic to advanced. I am very grateful to have attended this training."


"In-depth sharing of the features and scenarios of the Facebook Advertising tool. This is something we may be overlooked in our day-to-day social media campaign running."


Frequently Asked Questions

Will I be able to plan and set-up Google Ads campaigns after attending the course?

Yes, the course will walk you through a complete step-by-step Google Ads campaign set-up with attention to detail. We will equip you with all the knowledge and practical tutorials you need to be able to manage Google Ads campaigns independently.

I am running Google Ads via an agency. Will the course help me to manage my SEM agency more effectively?

Yes, the course will enable you to understand what your agency is doing behind the scenes and what kind of information they need to share with you as part of your Google Ads campaign planning, monitoring & optimization.

Will we be able to ask Google Ads-related questions and get guidance after the course?

Our aim is to answer all of your Google Ads-related questions during the course. If you need further guidance and support you can subscribe to XYZ Lab, where you will be able to ask unlimited questions and access all of our templates, guides & resources.