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Meta Ads (Facebook, Instagram) Specs

Find and download the latest Meta Ads asset specifications

Explore Meta Ads best practices and optimization tips!

Download the Facebook and Instagram Ads Specifications 📥

Check the Image and Video Specifications (Click on Tabs) 👆⬇️

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Facebook and Instagram Campaigns Tips and Best Practices:

Best Practices:

✅ Select campaign objectives aligned with your business goals

✅ Provide ALL the available copywriting options (primary text and headlines)

✅ Create at least x2 ads for each Ad Set

✅ Create Ad Sets targeting both cold and warm audiences (prospecting and remarketing)


💡 Add negative placements every week to prevent budget wastage

💡 Replace your low-performing assets every month

Meta supports various ad formats including image ads, video ads, carousel ads (multiple images or videos in a single ad), slideshow ads, and Stories ads.

What Types of Ad Creatives Can Be Used on Meta Platforms?

Videos under 15 seconds are ideal for Stories, while 15-30 seconds work well for feed placements.

How Long Should Facebook and Instagram Video Ads Be?

It's possible, but not always optimal. Tailoring creatives to specific placements (like adjusting for vertical formats in Stories) can enhance performance.

Can I Use the Same Creative Across Different Placements?

Yes, Meta has guidelines and policies regarding what content is acceptable in ads, including restrictions on certain imagery, claims, and the amount of text in images.

Are There Any Restrictions on the Content of Ad Creatives?

Frequently Asked Questions

on Meta Ads Specifications

Download the Meta Ads Specifications

(Image and Video Asset Specs) 📥

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