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Google Ads Editor Course 🚀

➡️ Get started with Google Ads Editor

⚙️ Bulk-upload Google Ads Campaigns, Keywords and Ads

📤 Bulk-upload Google Ads changes at every level

🚀 Manage multiple Google Ads accounts

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📆 Book Team Training (up to 15 pax)

👩‍💻 Book 101 Training (up to 2 pax)

⏰ 2-3 hours (depending on experience)

👩‍💻 Who is it for: Anyone who would like to use Google Ads Editor to manage Google Ads accounts faster and more effectively!

📊 Book Google Ads Editor Training

⚙️ Get Started with Google Ads Editor


  • Sync Google Ads accounts with Google Ads Editor

  • Google Ads Editor Navigation

  • Google Ads Editor Features

📤 Bulk Upload Campaigns, Ad-Groups, Keywords and Ads


  • Bulk upload Google Ads Campaigns, Ad-groups, Keywords and Ads

  • Copy-pasting Google Ads Campaigns, Ad-groups, Keywords and Ads​

🎚️ Manage Campaign Settings via Google Ads Editor​

  • Update Campaign Settings

  • Add / Remove Locations

  • Add / Remove Audiences 

🚀 Looker Studio Reports for SEO

  • SEO Performance Overview Report

  • Page Performance Report

  • Query Performance Report

📤 Upload PMax, Display & Video Campaigns via Google Ads Editor

  • Performance Max Campaign Setup and Asset Group updates

  • Display Campaigns Setup and Ad uploading

  • Video Campaign Setup and ad uploading

✍️ Request Team Training

Book 101 Training

📝 Google Ads Editor Course Agenda

About the Instructor

Sotirios Seridis
Founder & Head of Product Marketing, XYZ Lab

Digital Marketing Trainer and hands-on Performance Marketing Professional with 12+ years of experience. Worked in London, Dubai and Singapore with top tier agencies and clients.

Professional Experience:

  • Ex-Business Education Trainer at Facebook (contract)

  • Ex-Havas, Omnicom, WPP (Performance Marketing)

  • Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly

  • Digital Marketing Instructor at RevoU

  • Digital Marketing Instructor at The Experience Effect

  • Founder of XYZ Lab and TTMB


"The trainer is very knowledgeable in digital marketing specifically Google Ads. I definitely learned a lot of ad strategies/hacks that I did not know before."

"I can say this workshop definitely upgraded my knowledge from basic to advanced. I am very grateful to have attended this training."

"Questions were accommodated well. It was detailed. Hands-on activities allow participants to apply what has been taught."

FAQs on Google Ads Editor Course

Will I be able to start using Google Ads Editor after going through the course?

Yes, the course will walk you through Google Ads Editor via short, step-by-step video tutorials. You will be able to follow-through and start using Google Ads Editor from the very first session!

I am managing my Google Ads campaigns via the interface. Will the course help me to manage my campaigns faster and more effectively?

Yes, the course will enable you to manage your Google Ads campaigns x10 times faster. Google Ads Editor is designed to help you save time on uploading and editing Google Ads campaigns so you can get more done or spend more time analysing your campaign performace.

Will we be able to ask questions and get guidance during and after the Google Ads Editor course?

Yes, upon enrolling in the Google Ads Editor course you will be able to share your questions at any time. Our aim is to answer all questions to get you from beginner to master!

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