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Google Display Specs

Find and download the latest Google Display asset specifications

Explore Google Display campaign best practices and optimization tips!

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Google Display Campaigns Tips and Best Practices:

Best Practices:

✅ Provide ALL the available images, logos, headlines, and description lines to achieve optimal performance

✅ Leverage Remarketing Audiences and Contextual Targeting to achieve the best results

✅ Create and target a list of relevant placements (websites) to get in front of 100% relevant audiences

✅ Exclude mobile apps and low-quality topics from your campaign's targeting


💡 Add negative placements every week to prevent budget wastage

💡 Replace your low-performing assets every month

Google provides specific size and format guidelines for image ads. Common sizes include leaderboard (728x90), square (250x250), and skyscraper (120x600), among others, and they typically accept formats like JPG, PNG, and GIF.

What Are the Most Common Sizes and Formats for Image Ads?

Yes, animated ads like GIFs are allowed, but they must adhere to certain specifications, such as file size limits and animation duration.

Can I Use Animated Ads in Google Display Network?

Responsive Display Ads automatically adjust their size, appearance, and format to fit available ad spaces. You provide the assets (images, headlines, logos, videos), and Google automatically generates ads to fit various spaces on the Display Network.

How Do Responsive Display Ads Work?

Yes, video ads are supported and can be a powerful way to engage users. They can run in standalone ad slots or within other streaming video content.

Are Video Ads Supported in Google Display Ads?

Frequently Asked Questions

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