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Google Ads Editor Bulk Upload Template

Download our FREE Google Ads Editor Bulk Upload Template,

including everything you need to upload Google Ads Campaigns quickly & easily 📥

What's included in the Google Ads Editor Bulk Upload Template:

  • Google Ads Editor Template to Upload your Campaigns, Ad Groups, and Keywords

  • Google Ads Editor Template to Upload your Responsive Search Ads (RSA)

  • Google Ads Editor Template to Upload your Sitelinks

  • Google Ads Editor Template to Upload your Callouts

Who should download our Free Google Ads Editor Bulk Upload Template?

  • You are a Google Ads Specialist, looking for a faster way to upload Google Ads campaigns

  • You are a Digital Marketing Manager, looking to edit your Google Ads campaign in bulk

  • You are a Digital Director looking to apply bulk changes to your entire Google Ads account structure

Frequently Asked Questions on the Google Ads Editor Bulk Upload Template

Yes, Google Ads Editor is free to use. You can simply download Google Ads Editor via this link to get started.


Google Ads Editor is a free desktop application provided by Google to help advertisers manage their Google Ads campaigns more efficiently. You can download Google Ads Editor at no cost and use it to make changes to your Google Ads campaigns offline. Keep in mind that while Google Ads Editor itself is free, you still need an active Google Ads account to use the application and run advertising campaigns on the Google Ads platform.

Is Google Ads Editor Free to use?

How can I get started with Google Ads Editor?

Here are the steps you need to take to get started with Google Ads Editor:


  • Download the tool

  • Open Google Ads Editor

  • Click on Account (top-left) > Open

  • Click the "+ Add"Symbol

  • Authenticate

  • Select the Google Ads Accounts to download

What are the benefits of using Google Ads Editor?

Google Ads Editor comes with the following benefits:


  1. Bulk Editing: Google Ads Editor allows you to make extensive changes to your campaigns, ad groups, ads, keywords, and other elements in bulk. This is particularly useful when you need to make large-scale updates quickly. 

  2. Offline Editing: With Google Ads Editor, you can work on your campaigns without an internet connection. This gives you the flexibility to plan and draft changes at your convenience and then upload them when you're ready.

  3. Advanced Search and Filtering: The application provides robust search and filtering options, making it easier to find specific campaigns, keywords, or ads. This feature helps you locate and modify specific elements efficiently.

  4. Copy and Paste: You can easily copy and paste items between campaigns or within the same campaign. This feature is helpful for replicating successful elements or restructuring your ad groups.

  5. Versioning and Undo/Redo: Google Ads Editor keeps track of your changes, allowing you to review and revert to previous versions if needed. The ability to undo and redo actions is essential for maintaining accuracy.

  6. Custom Rules and Recommendations: The application provides custom rules and recommendations to help you identify potential issues or areas for optimization within your campaigns.

  7. Cross-Account Management: Google Ads Editor enables you to manage multiple Google Ads accounts simultaneously, making it a valuable tool for agencies and advertisers with multiple clients or businesses.

  8. Offline Drafts and Post Changes: Before posting your changes live, you can preview them and make adjustments as needed, reducing the likelihood of errors.

  9. Faster Campaign Management: For advertisers with large and complex campaigns, Google Ads Editor offers a faster and more efficient way to manage their accounts compared to using the online interface.

  10. Syncing and Scheduling: You can sync your changes with your online Google Ads account or schedule the updates to go live at a specific time, which is useful for time-sensitive campaigns or planned optimizations.

Does Google Ads Editor work offline?

Yes, Google Ads Editor does work offline. One of the key advantages of using Google Ads Editor is that it allows you to manage your Google Ads campaigns without requiring an internet connection.

After downloading and installing Google Ads Editor on your computer, you can use the application without being connected to the internet. This means you can make changes to your campaigns, ad groups, keywords, ads, and other elements even when you don't have an active internet connection.

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