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Meta Ads Campaign Optimisation Course 🚀

➡️ Complete Meta Ads Optimisation Guide

📊 Optimise above & beyond best practices & AI recommendations

💡 Optimise Targeting, Creatives & Landing Pages

🚀 Unlock your full Meta Ads Growth potential

📆 Book Team Training (up to 15 pax)

👩‍💻 Book 101 Training (up to 2 pax)

2-3 hours (depending on experience)

👩‍💻 Who is it for: Anyone who would like to optimize their Meta (Facebook, Instagram) Ads Campaigns to perfection!

➡️ Book Meta Ads Training

⚙️ Meta Pixel and Conversion Tracking


  • Set-Up the Meta Pixel

  • Meta Ads Event Configuration

🧠 Meta Ads Campaign Optimisation


  • Campaign Structure Optimisation

  • Audiences and Targeting Optimisation

  • Recommended Ad Formats

  • Creative Best Practices

  • Ad Copy Best Practices

🚀 Advanced Campaign Optimisation

  • Optimise Placements and Dimensions

  • Landing Page Optimisation

  • Lead Generation Tactics & Best Practices

📊 Meta Ads Reporting

  • Set-Up insightful Meta Ads Reports

➡️ Get the Guide

✍️ Request Team Training

Book 101 Training

📝 Meta Ads Campaign Optimisation Course Agenda

About the Instructor

Sotirios Seridis
Founder & Head of Product Marketing, XYZ Lab

Digital Marketing Trainer and hands-on Performance Marketing Professional with 12+ years of experience. Worked in London, Dubai and Singapore with top tier agencies and clients.

Professional Experience:

  • Ex-Business Education Trainer at Facebook (contract)

  • Ex-Havas, Omnicom, WPP (Performance Marketing)

  • Digital Marketing Instructor at General Assembly

  • Digital Marketing Instructor at RevoU

  • Digital Marketing Instructor at The Experience Effect

  • Founder of XYZ Lab and TTMB


"Learned more in-depth on Facebook optimisation which is what I was expecting. Thank you."

"The course was great, it covered all aspects of Facebook ads. Also, the trainer was helpful to reply on all the queries. Thanks once again."

"The trainer managed to break this topic down into parts that were digestible and easy to understand."

FAQs on Meta Ads Campaign Optimisation Course

Does the course cover both Facebook and Instagram Ads?

Yes, the Meta Ads ecosystem includes Facebook, Instagram, Messenger & Audience Network. The course covers planning, setting up, monitoring, reporting & optimising across the entire Meta ecosystem.

I am running Meta Ads via an agency. Will the course help me to manage my Social Media agency more effectively?

Yes, the course will enable you to understand what your agency is doing behind the scenes and what kind of information they need to share with you as part of your Meta Ads campaign planning, monitoring & optimization.

Will we be able to ask Meta Ads-related questions and get guidance after the course?

Our aim is to answer all of your Meta Ads-related questions during the course. If you need further guidance and support you can book 101 coaching or access our Digital Marketing Resources Hub including all the templates, guides & resources you need!

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