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Best 20 Content Writing Platforms for Startups & Growing Companies

Looking to scale your content development but you lack time and resources? if this is you, read to the end because we will introduce you to the 20 best content writing platforms available in the market!

Best 20 Content Writing Platforms

Developing content that educates entertains & inspires your target audience is absolutely necessary to drive more traffic and conversions to your website. Fortunately, there are many content writing platforms & tools you can use to scale your content marketing efforts! We listed the top 20 content writing platforms available to help you choose the one that works best for your team and content marketing objectives!

One of the quickest, simplest, and most dependable ways to have content created for your website is through iWriter. You will be able to post a project, and thousands of independent contractors will instantly have access to produce your material fast, competently, and economically.


  • Information gathering

  • SEO keywords research

  • Content Review and approval

Pricing: Its Standard plan goes from USD 1,4 (150 words) to USD 46,5 (6,000 words), with the possibility to upgrade to a Premium, Elite, or Elite Plus plan.

They produce excellent content with an unmatched emphasis on connecting you with a hand-selected group of caring content producers. Their team of more than 90 skilled content writers can produce long-form SEO blogs, web pages, emails, landing sites, social media posts, video scripts, and more.

They can also write for a variety of formats and specialized sectors. Additionally, they vow to write only high-quality material. They now employ over 90 brilliant writers, creators, editors, and designers at their content development agency. For clients all across the world, they have finished more than 40,000 content projects.


  • Authority content

  • Press released writing

  • Social media posts, expert blog plans, product descriptions

Pricing: They offer numerous plans according to what your needs are. Just to put a few examples, expert blog writing starts at USD 57, specialty content starts at USD 84 and press releases start at USD 199.

They combine state-of-the-art technology with qualified writers to produce high-quality material quickly. They can help you with everything from blog posts to ad copy (and everything in between).


  • Basic research

  • Royalty-free images

  • Unlimited revisions

Pricing: They provide a price calculator that tells you the amount you need to pay, depending on the type of content you need and the number of words. For example, if you need a blog post of 1,500 words, the price will be USD 150.

When you decide to work with ContentWish, you'll receive all the advantages of an agency without having to pay the higher cost that is normally associated with it. These advantages include quality control, ease of contact, and a team of professionals. ContentWish has been in the scaling-websites-with-affordable-content game for more than 5 years; they are not some fly-by-night agency that has only been operating for a few months.


  • Standard SEO Optimization

  • WordPress Publishing

  • CW Quality Guarantee

Pricing: Their Tester plan starts at USD 0,049 per word.

They are master copywriters, syntactical wizards, and linguistic prodigies who can produce copy with an impactful tone and voice that cuts through the clamor of online noise. You may be confident that the material at RightlyWritten not only meets but also exceeds search engine criteria because they promise to speak SEO like it's their native tongue. Online business growth can be facilitated by search engine-optimized material that is written with the goal of increasing conversion.


  • Scriptwriting

  • Press releases

  • Taglines and slogans

Pricing: To find out what their quote is, you should contact them through their website.

Their authors have expertise in modern SEO writing techniques, demographic analysis, marketing, and other areas. A professional writer will take great care, attention to detail, and dedication in creating each blog post, article, web page, and product description. Additionally, they assert that they are the best content writing service in the USA.


  • Blog writing

  • Website content

  • Product descriptions

Pricing: They charge USD 0,07 per word.

Their goal is to link businesses with a variety of consumers through persuasive content created by professional writers and managed by a staff that prioritizes people. They match companies with authors who are highly knowledgeable about their sector. That entails carrying out all the labor-intensive tasks, such as screening authors and editors before hiring them and managing them through ongoing, individualized contact.


  • Free Platform Access

  • Proofing

  • Premium Customer Support

  • Plagiarism Detection

Pricing: Their Self Service plan starts at USD 99.

At every stage of the purchasing process, they strive to provide superior products and outstanding customer service. In a market overrun with subpar distributors, SEOButler aspires to be a trailblazer. To give clients the best service possible, they make investments in both their team members and their systems.


  • Website content

  • Product descriptions

  • Guest post

Pricing: Their surfer-optimized content starts at USD 0,135 per word.

Whether you write tens of thousands of blog entries per month for various clients or just one article per week to keep your blog interesting, Verblio's platform keeps your content properly structured. You may hone in on tone and speech using their delectable sliders. The platform stores all of your company's data, preferences, and submitted feedback in one location. You can save time by letting them hire writers for you.


  • 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee

  • Easy WordPress and HubSpot integrations

  • 100% original content

Pricing: To estimate your monthly volume, you can mix and match their most common word lengths using their pricing calculator. They'll also fill your subscription with the appropriate number of credits so you can acquire material as needed.

They claim that their goal is to assist businesses in producing better content more quickly. More than 80 authors on their staff, including doctors, attorneys, and financial professionals, are subject-matter experts in their industries. As a result, they write about a wide range of topics, including healthcare, finance, and appliance maintenance.


  • Top writers

  • Fact-checked

  • Edited and proofread

Pricing: Your quote depends on the number of words you need; the more words, the lower the charge per word. For example, if you need 1,000 words, each word will cost USD 0.20, while if you need 100,000 words, each word will cost USD 0.15.

Their aim is to enable companies of all sizes to communicate with their customers and spread knowledge. They are a dependable supplier for companies that need highly technical material to dominate Google's organic results for difficult-to-rank SEO keywords.


  • Copywriting

  • Press release writing

  • E-book writing

Pricing: They do not advertise the cost of the plans on their website, but you can request a sample.

The content marketing company Scribly provides scalable content marketing services for all types of businesses. You can increase traffic and produce leads for a low monthly charge. If you decide to work with them, you'll be assigned a professional project manager who will collaborate with you to identify your content objectives and develop a custom content marketing plan. Additionally, they offer SEO analysts to look into your goal keywords and create a monthly content calendar for you.


  • Keyword Research + Topic Creation

  • Monthly Content Calendar

  • Search Intent Strategy

Pricing: Their micro package costs USD 599, with the possibility to upgrade to a higher plan.

They are a group of skilled software specialists who collaborate with expert practitioner writers, editors, content strategists, and committed project managers to produce content that is practitioner-centric - flawlessly produced and customized to your business. They specialize in straightforward technical content marketing that is created with the intention of attracting, instructing, and engaging your audience.


  • Tutorial

  • Courses

  • Original content

Pricing: They do not advertise the cost of the plans on their website, but you can request a sample.

Content Cucumber is an on-demand writing service. A flat monthly fee gets you daily attention from a carefully-vetted US native writer. Grow your business with stellar blogs, creative e-newsletters, and captivating web copy. They write for marketing agencies, B2Bs, e-commerce, SaaS, consumer services, web agencies, and more.


  • Dedicated pro writer

  • Industry-specific content

  • SEO focused

Pricing: Their plans start at USD 599 per month.

Animalz offers enterprise businesses, startups, and VC firms top-notch content marketing services. They create long-form, high-quality material for websites and blogs that link individuals and businesses from many industries. Through their range of services, which are specifically adapted to customers' requirements, their customers can enjoy long-term, sustainable growth.


  • SEO Consulting

  • Brand awareness

  • Promotion and distribution

Pricing: They do not advertise the cost of the plans on their website, but you can request a sample.

In order to help other online business owners and investors who want to scale their online presence, Contentellect was established in 2018. They run an internet business and have a portfolio of prosperous websites that we have developed by concentrating on two essential skills: Content and Links.


  • Content writing services

  • eBook writing services

  • Product description writing

Pricing: They do not specify the cost of their plans, but you can contact them through their site to ask for it.

Successful internet websites have been created by Human Proof Designs. They have professionals on their team with years of experience in digital marketing, SEO, conversion optimization, content, paid advertising, and other fields. You can cooperate with them regardless of your level of experience with online marketing or investing.


  • Blog and article writing

  • Video creation

  • SEO optimization

Pricing: They do not specify the cost of their plans, but you can contact them through their site to ask for it.

They provide content created for the particular requirements of your company. They will take care of all your needs, whether you need hundreds of original product descriptions for your Shopify store, an SEO-focused landing page for your service, or a professionally written technical essay.


  • Fast content delivery

  • SEO content writing services

  • Handling specific content needs

Pricing: You can choose your plan according to the content format you need. For example, article writing starts at USD 40, while a press release starts at USD 33.

Their primary area of expertise is producing high-caliber blog posts that promote affiliate marketing and assist businesses to grow inbound traffic and leads. But, they also occasionally take special orders. They have the ability to discreetly increase conversion rates by writing helpful, non-pushy product evaluations, comparisons, and help pieces for your visitors.


  • Corporate blog writing

  • Product descriptions

  • SaaS blog writing

Pricing: They charge on a per-word basis. For example, 1,000 words article costs USD 49.

Pepper is a one-stop platform that manages the creation and delivery of all content. They have a workforce of more than 100,000 content producers who can meet your needs.


  • Social media posts

  • Branded content

  • Blog and articles

Pricing: They do not specify the cost of their plans, but you can contact them through their site to ask for it.


Closing Thoughts on the best Content Writing Platforms

Each content writing platform offers a variety of content creation formats to improve your company's performance, generate more traffic to your site, and foster communities around your brand. Now, it's your turn! Choose the one that best suits your needs and watch your organic traffic grow!


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