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Best Remote Working Communities for Digital Nomads

Digital nomads and remote working communities connect workers in global networks for travelling and career development. As these communities grow, it is crucial to understand their value, map them, and find the most appropriate one for you. Let’s take a look at the concept and different groups available.

Topics Covered:

Who are digital nomad communities for?

Digital nomads go far beyond being just teleworkers with the possibility of travelling. Cutting ties with more location-based positions entails a lot of responsibilities that were previously on the companies’ side. Therefore, these communities are great places to go to fulfil these needs. Plus, as working from remote destinations is a key factor, a solid global network makes the process easier.

Nomad and remote working communities are targeted to and integrated by digital nomads. They are essentially peer-to-peer connections. The organizers’ curation comes in the form of information on different destinations: coliving and coworking spaces, accommodation, etc. Still, the most useful content comes from users.

The different communities also vary in terms of their members. Some are location-based, and others are aimed at women or workers in a specific field or industry. They either offer their services through their website or have communication channels to connect users directly. Let’s check the best sites and communities.

What are the best digital nomad websites and communities?

Here is a list of the most relevant digital nomad websites and communities. In each, you will find information on its target and some of its advantages.

Best 9 digital nomad websites and communities:

Who is it for:

Workform is a digital community with a platform that allows you to connect with other people and work remotely together. It helps you cope with being alone at home while feeling close to other workers, especially those who are in the same field. You can also find useful tools, such as physical coworking spaces, a newsletter, and much more.

Why should you join:

  • Virtual coworking spaces in the comfort of your home.

  • Remote job board listings.

  • Gear buying/selling and swapping.

Who is it for:

Safe Spaces for working women are increasingly in demand. Digital Nomad Girls provides a net for independent female workers all around the world. They also have a green agenda, connecting two trending issues today.

Why should you join:

  • An extensive set of tools and resources (travelling, banking, working, legal, etc).

  • Lab feature, for women looking to innovate in their field.

  • Free toolbox for digital nomad girls.

Who is it for:

A thorough map of destinations, Nomad List is ideal for digital nomads seeking to travel all around the world. Get detailed information on any location, from costs to perks of each place.

Why should you join:

  • Scoring of each city in multiple variables.

  • Filtering works like a charm, so you can find the place you want to go on your terms.

  • Not a community to join per se, but a great place to browse through.

Who is it for:

Digital Nomads World is a go-to hub for anything related to remote working: courses, voyages, and the latest news. If you recently started a digital nomad life, they are a great one-stop-shop solution to ease you through the process.

Why should you join:

  • Special benefits for members.

  • Blog with relevant current news.

  • A community that shares their knowledge on the subject.

Who is it for:

The point of networking is finding like-minded people. The Nomadic Network has multiple chapters throughout the USA for you to meet, collaborate and travel together. Plus, they have a lot of resources to make these connections come through. Though international, it is better suited for digital nomads in the US.

Why should you join:

  • A calendar filled with events for digital nomads.

  • Local chapters for you to recur to if needed.

  • Global groups for multiple teleworker-related topics.

Who is it for:

Meet up was born to connect people on any subject in common. Anything you search for, this platform will match you with others with the same interest, as well as relevant events related to your keyword. That said, “Digital nomad” is a trending keyword on the page, so you will find a lot to aid you in your remote life.

Why should you join:

  • Numerous digital nomad communities by location, topics, fields, etc.

  • Excellent localization (search from any country and receive results from yours).

  • User-motorized community, with very active users.

Who is it for:

Volunteering work for digital nomads is another growing trend. Nomads Giving Back is a project that helps those interested in social impact projects to make a difference in local communities. Anyone who is interested in this can get involved according to their capabilities. Their current hubs are in Buenos Aires, Medellin, and Bali.

Why should you join:

  • Volunteer for important assistance projects.

  • The “find a cause” listing allows you to choose based on your social interests.

  • You can offer to volunteer in terms of your skills/availability.

Who is it for:

Specifically aimed at entrepreneurs, Dynamite Circle is a professional community for those who wish to grow their businesses. With more than 1,000 active users, the networking opportunities are very attractive, as each member is specially selected by their committee on a case-to-case basis. Becoming a member comes at a cost, and has multiple perks.

Why should you join:

  • Match with entrepreneurs with aligned goals and experience.

  • “Dynamite job services” is a great place to build your team.

  • Local and international events and forums.

Who is it for:

Communities for creative workers can be a strategic choice for these profiles. Freelance Founders connects skilled creative workers so they can expand their networks and businesses. With design as their strength, it is an excellent opportunity to connect with high-quality international talents.

Why should you join:

  • Creative-specific events.

  • Digital concept store.

  • Potential clients also choose to hire on this platform.

What are the best Slack communities for remote workers?

Slack is a popular professional messaging platform and a competitive alternative to big players in the industry. They also house multiple communities for remote workers. Let’s see some of the most relevant ones:

Best 8 Slack Communities for digital nomads:

Who is it for:

Nomads Talk is as straightforward as it is valuable: a channel for digital nomads to chat. If you use Slack and want to learn about others’ experiences regarding working from anywhere, this is the place to go.

Why should you join:

  • Guidance on travelling, accommodation, and anything trip-related.

  • Flexible assessment.

  • Hiring channel available.

Who is it for:

Another community for location-independent workers. If you want to connect with citizens of the world whose office is wherever the wind blows, this is your place.

Why should you join:

  • Multiplatform content for digital nomads (podcasts, newsletters, apps).

  • They organize summits on leadership in remote settings.

  • Members are remote workers with expertise in the subject.

Who is it for:

We Work Remotely is ideal for job searching and listing. Plus, their Slack community is among the largest in the world.

Why should you join:

  • Curated job listing.

  • Over 3million visitors.

  • Detailed information for remote job seekers.

Who is it for:

Based on the concept of switching, the idea of changing place to change the air, this a community for a change of scene. Talk with others who believe this can help them boost their productivity, or simply fulfil the need for a voyage.

Why should you join:

  • A worldwide community.

  • Users are travellers and nomads.

  • A switch for your daily routine.

Who is it for:

Another remote working channel for Slack. This one is public, so you won’t be paying extra fees to meet other digital nomads.

Why should you join:

  • It's free.

  • Their hashtags make finding stuff easier.

  • Has a couple of cool sub-channels for you to check.

Who is it for:

A community with the strong conviction that flexibility is everything at work. Connect with people who don’t need discounts, ping pong tables, or events to feel comfortable in their jobs.

Why should you join:

  • Flexibility-oriented members.

  • Job search with the same premise.

  • Exclusive MBA YouTube videos.

Who is it for:

Another free remote hub. They also have an interesting set of resources available, as well as a slack community for digital nomads who need assistance in job-related aspects or travelling.

Why should you join:

  • Free and resourceful site.

  • Interviews with relevant actors in the digital nomad trend.

  • Job bank available.

Who is it for:

With a Slack chat, Remote Together has an interesting premise of improving online event experiences. For those who feel the burnout of back-to-back calls, this might be a community worth exploring.

Why should you join:

  • One of the few communities for facilitators, trainers, producers, event organizers, and meeting leaders.

  • Completely free.

  • An excellent place to think of new online experiences for digital nomads and their clients.

What are the best Facebook Groups for Digital Nomads and Remote Workers?

Needless to say, Facebook is still among the top used social media. Their groups work like a charm for connecting people with common interests. This is also the case for remote workers, who have multiple channels to connect via Facebook. They are instrumental as some offer location-specific groups based on a particular city/country. We share here some of the most relevant ones.

Best 33 Facebook Groups / Location Specific Nomad Communities:

  1. Digital Nomad Jobs: Remote Job Opportunities @letsworkremotely

  2. Digital Nomads Around the World

  3. Campfire: Digital Nomads & World Citizens Community

  4. Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

  5. Digital Nomads Hub

  6. Nomadbase - The Digital Nomad Community

  7. Digital Nomads Forum

  8. Single Nomads

  9. Nomad Soulmates

  10. Digital Nomad Girls Community

  11. Female Digital Nomads

  12. Digital Nomads - The Solo Female Traveler Network

  13. Digital nomads - Europe

  14. Digital Nomads in Africa Community

  15. Digital Nomads Asia

  16. Bali Digital Nomads - Borderless Entrepreneurship

  17. Guatemala Digital Nomads

  18. Digital Nomads Medellin

  19. Mexico City Digital Nomads

  20. Digital Nomads Athens

  21. Barcelona Digital Nomads

  22. Budapest Digital Nomads

  23. Canary Islands Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

  24. Digital Nomads & Remote Workers Chania - Crete

  25. Digital Nomads Croatia

  26. Gran Canaria Digital Nomads

  27. Digital Nomads Italy

  28. Digital Nomads Madeira

  29. Montenegro Digital Nomads & Remote Workers

  30. Digital Nomads Porto

  31. Tbilisi Digital Nomads

  32. Warsaw Digital Nomads

  33. Reddit Digital Nomad

Who is it for?

With 130K+ members, Let’s Work Remotely is a very popular option, with a huge international community of digital nomads. It is specially designed for hiring/looking for talent.

Why should you join?

  • An international job board.

  • A big community.

  • You can subscribe to receive job offers in your inbox.

Who is it for:

Another numerous group of digital nomads, this one is ideal for sharing experiences on remote working. This one is not location specific, so it is designed for more general questions on the digital nomad lifestyle, with more than 150K teleworkers.

Why should you join:

  • Share knowledge with others.

  • Not travel-specific, in case you want to discuss other matters.

  • Their job posting policy is very transparent with wages, start date, and company hiring.

Who is it for:

This group works similarly to a travel matching app. The point is to find the perfect partner for your next digital nomad adventure. Those who love to visit different cities with their laptop in their backpack and want some company should definitely join.

Why should you join:

  • Find someone to travel with.

  • Friendly environment.

  • A more relaxed networking alternative.

Who is it for:

Aimed specifically at digital nomad entrepreneurs, this group organizes events for entrepreneurs to connect. There are great coworking and coliving opportunities in beautiful places for teleworkers with entrepreneurial mindsets.

Why should you join:

  • Ideal for successful business digital nomads.

  • Travel to paradisiac destinations.

  • Expand your network with other entrepreneurs.

Who is it for:

Digital Nomads Hub serves the purpose of connecting travellers. There are no job listings, no networking business events, just travelling knowledge to be shared.

Why should you join:

  • No work, only voyage tips.

  • An international community for those who just want to travel.

  • No self-promotion, just nomads.

Who is it for:

Another travelling group. This one offers special events in beautiful destinations. An excellent summit for digital nomads to meet up.

Why should you join:

  • Visit distant cities with a purpose.

  • Do some networking at special events.

  • Meet potential business collaborators.

Who is it for:

A group founded by Robert O’Kruk, it reunites digital nomads (experienced or not) to promote a lifestyle of freedom. It is a great place to ask questions and look for support.

Why should you join:

  • A safe environment to reach out.

  • Ideal for starters in the digital nomad trend.

  • A free-spirited philosophy.

Who is it for:

Another Facebook hub for digital nomads who want to connect with others, mainly not to travel alone. Make friends, find colleagues and forge long-lasting relationships with other remote workers.

Why should you join:

  • Not work exclusive discussion.

  • Resources shared by other users.

  • Travelling tips.

Who is it for:

Who’s to say you can’t fall in love with a fellow digital nomad? The love for voyages can link couples together, and a flexible lifestyle eases the match.

Why should you join:

  • Meet other travellers to mingle with.

  • App available.

  • An alternative to so many mainstream dating apps.

Who is it for:

From the creators of Digital Nomad Girls, here is their Facebook community. If you feel that professional work can be hostile, this is another safe place for you to connect with others for support. Founded in 2015, they are the number 1 all-female digital community.

Why should you join:

  • Women only.

  • Multiple resources available.

  • A way of connecting directly with other members.

Who is it for:

One of the largest women-driven communities. Connect with female colleagues in the same situation, share knowledge, and find useful information.

Why should you join:

  • All-women safe space.

  • 75K+ members.

  • Good Q&A community.

Who is it for:

Ideal for women who travel solo. Connect with others who want to visit other countries and want some company. They also have a special focus on SEO and social media-related queries for you to ask in their community.

Why should you join:

  • Travelling advice and support for women.

  • A niche of social media/SEO knowledge.

  • Safe space for female digital nomads.

Who is it for:

A group for digital nomads from Europe. A great place for Europeans to gather information on their next trip. Anyone with an interest in life in Europe or interest in becoming a remote worker or slow traveller is welcome.

Why should you join:

  • Not Europe-exclusive, in case you live abroad and want to visit.

  • Share of housing leases.

  • Cultural information on each European country.

Who is it for:

With the mission of showing that you can work from anywhere in Africa, this group is one of a kind. Both for people from the continent or those eager to visit, it is a great place to start your African adventure.

Why should you join:

  • Resources for African travellers.

  • Share of knowledge and experience.

  • A friendly spot to ask questions on the subject.

Who is it for:

Just like the one above but dedicated to Asia, it is a community for digital nomads living or visiting Asia. It is especially helpful for those visiting locations such as Bali, Hanói, Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Thailand, Bangkok, Siem Riep, Cebú, Đà Nẵng, Manila, and Singapore.

Why should you join:

  • Information for digital nomad hotspots in Asia.

  • Meet up with others in the same situation.

  • Exclusive job openings.

Who is it for:

Bali is a paradisiacal place, sought by digital nomads all around the world. If you are one and you're an entrepreneur, then this is your group. Their strict policies maintain the group favorable to their 20K+ members.

Why should you join:

  • Job listings.

  • Entrepreneurs with an interest in Asia.

  • Travel information.

Who is it for:

A growing destination for digital nomads, this is the place to go if you plan to stay in Guatemala soon.

Why should you join:

  • Information on Guatemala as a teleworker hotspot.

  • Small, yet active group.

  • A lesser-seen destination.

Who is it for:

Probably the digital nomad hotspot in Colombia, this is a great opportunity to connect with others planning to visit. Mix and mingle with locals and visitors to land properly in this amazing city.

Why should you join:

  • A resourceful group to visit Medellin.

  • 10K+ members.

  • A great place to start to get to know Latin America.

Who is it for:

A capital city of the world, Mexico is a global destination. If you live there or are planning to go, be sure to join this group.

Why should you join:

  • Meetups in Mexico City.

  • Tips from locals to visit.

  • Experience sharing.

Who is it for:

The lovely city in Greece is also regarded as a teleworkers’ destination. If you're visiting or living there, this is the group to go.

Why should you join:

  • Visit Athens with relevant tips from locals.

  • Make connections with digital nomads while visiting.

  • Attend events for remote workers in Greece.

Who is it for:

It is hard to pick just one good thing about Barcelona. With almost 10K members, many digital nomads seek the experience of a short or long-term visit to the Spanish city.

Why should you join:

  • Strict SPAM policy (only Barcelona content).

  • No “how to be a digital nomad” or articles on the subject.

  • Huge question database for you to browse without having to ask.

Who is it for:

Budapest beams with architecture and history. In recent years, it has also increased the amount of its coworking/coliving spaces. Connect with locals or with those planning to visit.

Why should you join:

  • No marketing/self-promotion.

  • Curated job ads.

  • A group for a city with growing popularity among digital nomads.

Who is it for:

With ideal temperatures and spectacular landscapes, the Canary Islands are the perfect destination for disconnection. Remote workers will find everything they need to visit them here.

Why should you join:

  • Source of information for the community of remote workers.

  • English only .

  • Coworking/coliving information.

Who is it for:

Another up-and-coming destination any digital nomads would dream of. Join this community to get the best information on accommodation and remote working opportunities.

Why should you join:

  • Hosted by a coworking space.

  • Events available.

  • Opportunities to socialize with locals and remote workers visiting.

Who is it for:

Croatia’s beauty is second to none. If you are a digital nomad, remote worker, ex-pat, slow traveller, or a friend of any of them living here or wishing to, do check it out.

Why should you join:

  • Local knowledge of the destination.

  • Activities and meet-ups.

  • One-stop resource on Croatia

Who is it for:

Nothing says “paradise” like Gran Canaria Island. This community will help you work by the sea in one of Europe’s most loved destinations.

Why should you join:

  • Free nomad guides.

  • Housing opportunities.

  • Coworking spots.

Who is it for:

Bella Italia is simply gorgeous, and digital nomads are quite aware of it. Beginners, aspiring, successful, and experienced remote workers can join this group to make the best of their visit.

Why should you join:

  • Zero tolerance for selfish self-promotion.

  • Support available.

  • Friendly environment.

Who is it for:

It might not be a Facebook group, but definitely, a great location targeted group for those who dream of Madeira Islands. Besides, there are many great places to visit within Madeira, so this site will come in handy.

Why should you join:

  • Registration gives you access to groups and communities.

  • Promoted by Madeira’s regional government.

  • Ponta de Sol is on its way to becoming a Digital Nomad Village.

Who is it for:

Have you considered Montenegro as your next destination for remote working? Maybe it’s about time! Join a community of 3K+ members and work from this beautiful site.

Why should you join:

  • A community for a lesser-known yet thriving place.

  • No selling is allowed so you can ask in peace.

  • Only 2 years old and quite active.

Who is it for:

If we talk about paradisiac destinations, Porto ranks high. Join this Facebook group to see why so many choose it as digital nomads.

Why should you join:

  • Information on Porto.

  • Community to assist you with doubts.

  • Very active group.

Who is it for:

Georgia’s capital, Tbilisi grows in popularity among digital nomads. If you want to discover this gem, this group is a nice starting point.

Why should you join:

  • Public Group.

  • Self-promotion is possible in specific posts.

  • An inclusive and collaborative community.

Who is it for:

A great excuse to visit Poland, Warsaw is a modern city, with successful big companies and also many digital nomads. Connect with them in this group to broaden your network.

Why should you join:

  • You can read without joining

  • Friendly environment

  • Occasional events/meetups

Who is it for:

Though technically a Reddit group, no one can deny that they are an active community. More than a million users are active and discussing relevant topics on digital nomad life, so you should not miss the chance to do so.

Why should you join:

  • Huge knowledge base on digital nomads.

  • Not destination-specific.

  • Very diverse information on the subject.

Closing thoughts on joining a Digital Nomad and/or a Remote Working Community

There are many communities for digital nomads, for any location and at your preferred social media or app. None of them is exclusive and most of them are free, so participating in a couple should help you with any issue or interest you want to pursue.

These communities are a great way to find what you are looking for, as well as build your network. Besides, not everything is work, so you might start some significant relationships with people all around the globe. Digital nomad and remote working communities are for you not to feel alone in your freelance adventure.


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