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8 Best Coworking Spaces in Antalya

Along the magnificent Turkish Riviera, you'll find Antalya, a blossoming sanctuary for digital nomads seeking a perfect combination of business and recreation. This Mediterranean jewel has increasingly drawn remote workers from throughout the world due to its magnificent vistas, rich history, and lively cultural tapestry. With a population of 1.35 million people, the city seamlessly fuses the charm of traditional Turkish hospitality with a cosmopolitan vibe, which provides an inviting atmosphere for digital nomads to connect and collaborate.

Aside from its cultural appeal, Antalya is an economical option for digital nomads. The cost of living in this beautiful city is far lower than in many Western counterparts, making it an appealing alternative for both singles and couples. Monthly living expenditures for a digital nomad in Antalya range from $800 to USD 1,500, depending on personal tastes and lifestyle choices.

The city's warm temperature, with over 300 sunny days per year, makes it a great location for individuals looking for a comfortable work atmosphere while enjoying Antalya's numerous outdoor activities and historical attractions. If you're interested in exploring the vibrant ecosystem in Turkey, do check out our articles on Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Turkey.

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Why Coworking in Antalya?

Antalya, Turkey, stands out as a remarkable coworking and digital nomad location, offering a unique blend of opportunities, vibrant culture, and magnificent scenery. Turkey's strategic location at the crossroads of Europe and Asia adds to its allure as a coworking destination. Antalya's well-developed infrastructure, which includes dependable internet access and sophisticated coworking spaces, allows digital nomads to smoothly combine work into their lifestyle. Antalya's coworking environment is enriched by a broad group of local and foreign professionals, resulting in a rich tapestry of ideas and experiences. This collaborative atmosphere not only boosts productivity but also offers numerous networking possibilities, allowing digital nomads to make crucial contacts across sectors.

Antalya's attractiveness extends beyond the workplace to its dynamic environment and diverse range of activities. The city has a rich historical background, with buildings like as the Old Town (Kaleiçi) and Hadrian's Gate providing an insight into the city's illustrious past. Antalya's outstanding natural beauty, including beautiful beaches and the Taurus Mountains, provides a great backdrop for work-life balance for digital nomads seeking inspiration. The city's vibrant arts and cultural sector, which includes several galleries and events, adds to its attraction. Visitors can indulge in the city's vibrant food scene, savoring authentic Turkish cuisine and experiencing the local flavors at traditional eateries and bustling food markets.

Turkey is also recognized for its warm friendliness and safety, with Antalya being a pleasant and secure location for anyone wishing to set up a base for their remote business ventures.

What is the Cost of Coworking Spaces in Antalya?

The average cost of coworking spaces in Antalya, Turkey, ranges from $8 to $30 USD for day passes, while monthly memberships vary from $50 to $300 USD, depending on the amenities and services provided. Private offices within coworking spaces usually come with additional costs, and these can vary widely based on size, location, and included services.

What are the Best Coworking Spaces in Antalya?

Google Maps Rating: 4.9

Coworking Antalya provides a one-of-a-kind and exciting workspace with a spectacular sea view, creating a dynamic atmosphere for remote work and business. This coworking space, located in the heart of town, allows easy access to the facilities of a big metropolis while providing a tranquil setting free of the commotion sometimes associated with bigger urban regions. Antalya's breathtaking natural beauty, with gorgeous mountains rising from the sea, provides a visually fascinating background for the coworking space, making it a great place for anyone seeking a balance of work and recreation. Coworking Antalya's broad population of nomads and expats of many nations adds to its allure, offering a dynamic and culturally rich atmosphere for cooperation and networking.

Google Maps Rating: 4.8

The Location Coworking Station combines workplace convenience with homey comfort in the city's most popular locations. This vibrant coworking space fosters a creative and collaborative environment by providing a 24/7 work setting with high-speed internet and professional office facilities, where one can meet like-minded individuals and indulge in tasty coffee and tea. The coworking is intended to serve as a growth platform for entrepreneurs and businesses, offering a "flexible office" in Antalya. They provide a variety of service packages catered to both business and individual clientele. In addition, the coworking space organizes events such as business breakfasts, team-building exercises, and corporate events.

Google Maps Rating: 4.9

Creawork delivers a new type of shared office experience that includes high-speed internet, unlimited tea and coffee, and a network for seamless connections. The facility offers a variety of models tailored to fulfill various business needs, including coworking, virtual offices, permanent workstations, and ready-made offices. It also provides event rooms and vital services for a dynamic workplace. Customers have given the coworking space favorable comments, praising it for its calm and well-designed office, high-quality services, and sense of professionalism.

Google Maps Rating: 4.4

Faces & Places is a coworking space that provides professionals with a welcoming and creative atmosphere to work efficiently. The space is intended for high-tech enterprises and creative persons, with a comfortable workspace and a stunning sea view from the terrace. Faces & Places provides a perfect venue for networking and enjoying local culture, with an emphasis on engaging with Antalya's digital nomad community and developing a collaborative attitude. Additionally, for those who like to work in cafés and restaurants, the region has several excellent alternatives, such as Coffee's, which is located in the heart of Konyaalti Beach Park and is popular among workers due to its sea view terrace and warm decor. Faces & Places coworking space is distinguished by its distinctive features and high-quality facilities.

Google Maps Rating: 5

Coworking Mozaik Antalya provides a unique combination of work and wellness, providing a space to learn, grow, and interact. The facility provides a range of services, including private and coworking workstations for peaceful work sessions, as well as coffee, tea, and other beverages. It also has conference spaces for business events, exercise programs including yoga, pilates, and Zumba, and a climbing gym. The upcoming Berry Bar will appeal to health-conscious customers by offering nutritious alternatives such as salads, smoothies, and fresh-squeezed juice. The area functions as a community hub, with a La Paz Coffee Shop committed to promoting peace and coffee culture. This holistic approach to coworking, focusing on physical and mental well-being, makes Coworking Mozaik Antalya an appealing choice for professionals looking for a balanced and enriching work environment in Antalya, Turkey.

Google Maps Rating: 4.5

Busybee coworking space stands out as a thriving center for workers looking for a dynamic and collaborative work environment. This creative workspace has received recognition for its contemporary design, which promotes creativity and productivity. The facility has a variety of customizable membership levels, making it accessible to both freelancers and established organizations. The coworking space is conveniently positioned among famous cafés, restaurants, and cultural attractions, allowing members to have the best of both worlds.

Google Maps Rating: 4.9

Work C is a cutting-edge coworking space that provides a revitalizing atmosphere that fosters both creativity and productivity. Work C embraces the notion of next generation ready-to-move workplaces, offering a variety of services such as high-speed internet, unlimited tea and coffee, and a network suited to pursuing your ambitions while developing a feeling of community for you and your team. Work C distinguishes itself as a coworking space that goes beyond the standard office setting, providing workers with an innovative and supportive atmosphere. Work C provides the ideal location to work, interact, and grow whether you're a freelancer, entrepreneur, or part of a team.

Google Maps Rating: 4.9

Creawork is a notable coworking space in Antalya, Turkey, with an emphasis on creating a productive, flexible, and pleasant work environment. It offers a variety of facilities and services to fulfill the different demands of its clients. Creawork's workplace seamlessly mixes usefulness and beauty. This modern office is known for its well-designed surroundings, which feature an exciting mix of modern decor and cozy furnishings. Creawork's location is another significant advantage, since it is conveniently located near major commercial centers and cultural attractions.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Coworking Spaces in Antalya

Antalya, Turkey, is an unparalleled destination for coworking and digital nomad pursuits due to its dynamic culture, various networking possibilities, and good work-life balance. Whether strolling through historic streets, engaging with a global community of professionals, or soaking in the natural wonders, Antalya embodies the spirit of a destination where work and adventure coexist harmoniously, making it a compelling choice for digital nomads seeking a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle

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