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Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Jakarta for Digital Nomads and Startups

Are you a digital nomad looking for a place to work in Jakarta? Are you working remotely in Indonesia's capital? Keep reading to find the best coworking spaces in Jakarta, Indonesia!

Coworking Spaces in Jakarta for Digital Nomads and Startups
Coworking Spaces in Jakarta for Digital Nomads and Startups

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Why should you work in a Coworking space?

All of us have at some point thought to ourselves “I could use a nicer place to work.”

Maybe you don’t have enough space, maybe you don’t have enough equipment, maybe you need somewhere with fewer distractions, or maybe you just can’t justify spending the money. A coworking space is the perfect solution to any of these problems, and more.

That’s because coworking spaces are basically cost-effective, fully equipped offices that you rent as you need. Most even come with on-site amenities like full kitchens, service staff, and so on.

One of the best perks about using a coworking space is that you have a whole buffet of options to choose from. You can nitpick between aesthetics, layout choices, location, amenities, and whittle it down to what matters the most when it comes to choosing a productive environment for yourself. It might even be a good idea to try out a few spaces before you invest in putting together your own home office, so you know what matters most and works the best for you.

The wide variety of options available means that you’ll also find an incredible variety of clients who benefit from and make use of coworking spaces. They’re popular among corporate professionals, startup teams, freelancers, and even students!

The rest of this article focuses on coworking spaces in Jakarta that are popular among startups and freelancers, but they also cater to a lot of different people with different professional needs.


Coworking spaces vs traditional office space

Coworking spaces have some major differences compared to traditional office settings. For one, it’s common for the clients in a coworking space to not have a specific desk assigned to them. Most people rent out whichever desk happens to be open when they arrive. It’s also common for coworking spaces to promote conversation and movement around the space because their members enjoy the benefits of socializing and networking while they’re being productive.

There are many reasons that people prefer using a shared office over traditional offices, including their relative cost-effectiveness. There are no setup fees or work you have to personally put in, which makes them highly desirable to young companies, freelance professionals, and students. The following are some, but not all, of the most common reasons that people enjoy using coworking spaces.

Flexible Options

Coworking spaces cater to a lot of people. As such, they usually have different membership options so that you can pick one that fits both your budget and expectations. If you mostly work from home but need to get out of the house once in a while, some places offer “light” passes where you pay for limited access – typically around 5 days per month. If you need a full-time office but don’t want the hassle of setup and maintenance, you can usually rent out an entire office for your business—with a business address. They’ll even collect and sort your mail!


The kind of amenities you can expect differ from place to place because every space has a clientele with different expectations and needs. The most common amenities you’re likely to see are stocked pantries, free coffee, and regular cleanup service. More luxurious amenities include a bar, guest reception, and even butler services.

Staff Services

Almost every coworking space has a front desk that’s staffed during business hours to help you acclimate to the space. They can assist with picking a pricing plan that works for you, helping you with access to equipment, and give you an overview of the available amenities and services, and so on. Some places even have staff who provide business-boosting services and in-house advice.

Crafted Social Atmospheres

Coworking spaces are very conscious of the social atmosphere they encourage. It’s often a focal point of their interior design. You almost certainly find one that works for you, whether you like to network or work alone. Some places grow active communities out of their members so you can make friends, partners, or mentors, and others build more thoughtful spaces, with more private booths and rooms.

What is the cost of coworking spaces in Jakarta?

Coworking spaces usually come outfitted with a variety of workplace options and specific prices can be found below each space listed below. The most popular and usually cheapest method is to “hot desk,” working out of a desk in what is usually an open-plan seating arrangement. Hot desking is commonly charged per month, but some places offer shorter terms or even day passes. It’s common for a month pass to cost around IDR 1.000.000.

An alternative is to rent out one desk specifically for your use, usually called a “dedicated desk.” Dedicated desks in some coworking spaces are set up differently from their hot desks, and usually a touch nicer. You can usually rent out a dedicated desk on a monthly basis and it will be reserved for you for the entire month. A dedicated desk in Jakarta usually costs around IDR 2.500.000 per month.

If you need the room, you can rent out an entire private office. Depending on the equipment provided, how large the office is, etc., there can be quite a bit of variability in the cost of a private office. They’re usually rented out on a monthly basis, per person occupying the office. In Jakarta, you can expect to pay at least IDR 3.000.000 (per person per month) on average for a private office in a coworking space.

Top 10 Coworking Spaces in Jakarta for Freelancers and Startups

1. GoWork

GoWork Coworking Space
GoWork Coworking Space

GoWork is one of the best coworking spaces in Jakarta because they have over 25 locations throughout Indonesia, making them a great option for traveling workers. Their pay-as-you-go pricing option means you can choose to pay only for access on-demand, with no long-term commitments or contracts. That’s a great cost-saving option for new businesses and freelancers. Best for: Pay-per-use, multiple locations Location: Jakarta Selatan (14), Jakarta Pusat (5), Jakarta Barat (2), Jakarta Utara (1), and more Rates: Hot Desk – IDR 1.000.000+ | Dedicated Desk – IDR 2.500.000+ | Private Office – IDR 2.800.000+ Website:

2. Union Space

Union Coworking Space
Union Coworking Space

Union Space is a well-established brand across Southeast Asia, with branches in Thailand, Malaysia, and the Philippines as well. The design of their flexible contracts and the events they host are all tailored to and meant to boost and grow small businesses. Best for: Atmosphere, flexible options Location: PIK Avenue Rates: Coworking Space – IDR 950.000+ | Private Office – IDR 8.500.000 Website:

3. JustCo

JustCo Coworking Space
JustCo Coworking Space

10 locations in major cities across 8 countries in the Asia-Pacific region makes JustCo a top-tier choice for international businesses. They’re also well known for promoting networking with their social atmosphere and member community. Best for: International business, networking Location: AIA Central, Sequis Tower, The Plaza Rates: Unlimited Hot Desk – IDR 1.800.000+ | Dedicated Desk – IDR 2.500.000+ | Private Office – IDR 3.000.000+ Website:

4. Avenue8

Avenue8 Coworking Space
Avenue8 Coworking Space

If comfort underpins your productivity, Avenue8 just might be your coworking home. They pride themselves on being a service-oriented workspace that alleviates some of the pressures from your everyday life so you can be your best self. They even have a concierge who will take care of minutiae like arranging flights, taking calls, brewing coffee, and even making dinner reservations. Best for: Service, comfort, lounge Location: Rates: Hot Desk – IDR 1.800.000 | Dedicated Desk – IDR 4.500.000 | Private Office – IDR 3.200.000 Website:

5. CoHive

CoHive Coworking Space
CoHive Coworking Space

CoHive is a major coworking space provider in Indonesia and has multiple branches both in and out of Jakarta. As a result, they have many of the offerings of smaller spaces, including a pay-as-you-go payment option where you pay for access as you need it. Their huge network and flexible options attract many startups. Best for: Startups, networking, pay-per-use Location: Central Jakarta (6), North Jakarta (2), South Jakarta (6), West Jakarta (2) Rates: Hot Desk – IDR 1.250.000+ | Dedicated Desk – IDR 900.000+ | Private Office – IDR 1.375.000+ Website:

6. Kolega

Kolega Coworking Space
Kolega Coworking Space

Community and collaboration are focal points for Kolega coworking. They firmly believe that a great workplace fosters new connections and enables a growing network. They’ve even established a series of meetups, workshops, and classes that are meant to help their members upskill and meet new people. Best for: Networking, sense of community, workshops, and classes Location: Tokopedia Tower, MNC Center, Kemang, Jl. T.B. Simatupang, Antasari, and more Rates: Hot Desk – IDR 2.200.000+ | Private Office – IDR 3.500.000+ Website:

7. Conclave

Conclave Coworking Space
Conclave Coworking Space

Conclave has a great location and is fairly straightforward with its pricing. They currently only have daily passes and meeting room access available, which is frequently all that a freelancer or new startup might need. Best for: Basics, day passes Location: Wijaya, TB Simatupang, Arteri Pondok Indah Rates: Day Pass – IDR 100.000 | Meeting Rom – IDR 500.000 Website:

8. WeWork

WeWork Coworking Space
WeWork Coworking Space

Clients and members of WeWork get to take advantage of their huge international network of over 800 workspaces. That accumulated experience that WeWork has with coworking spaces also frequently makes them crowd favorites for both ambiance and the services provided. Best for: Flexible terms, multiple locations Location: Noble House, Sinarmas MSIG Tower, Revenue Tower, Parc 18, Gama Tower Rates: Hot Desk – IDR 2.000.000+ | Dedicated Desk – IDR 2.400.000+ | Private Office – IDR 7.350.000+ Website:

9. Concrete Space

Concrete Coworking Space
Concrete Coworking Space

Concrete Space loves taking advantage of the benefits of a coworking space. They believe that the advantage of coworking spaces lies in the dynamic cultures, change of pace, and cultivated styles and spaces available. They’re passionate about helping their members make connections, innovate, and collaborate. Best for: Startups, flexible pricing, culture, and atmosphere Location: Pluit, Kedoya Rates: Day Pass – IDR 120.000+ | 10-Day Pass – IDR 950.000+ | Month Pass – IDR 1.800.000+ Website:

10. Apiary

Apiary Coworking Space
Apiary Coworking Space

Members at Apiary love how far they’ll go to help establish your business, at a slight premium. They’re committed to a comprehensive experience that makes their coworking space a one-stop shop for the businesses housed there. They have services to help you with incorporation, accounting, taxation, audits, events hosting, and more. Best for: Business-boosting services, events, and event hosting Location: Lippo St. Moritz Tower Rates: Hot Desk – IDR 1.500.000+ | Private Office – IDR 9.900.000+ Website:


Closing thoughts on Coworking Spaces in Jakarta

Coworking spaces are a great alternative to a traditional or home office setup. Most of the patrons of coworking spaces agree that there are specific benefits to shared offices, most notably the variety of work atmospheres, locations, ideas, and services. The diversity of coworking spaces in Jakarta makes them fun, inspiring places to work.

The diversity in clientele also makes coworking spaces great for breaking boundaries and reshaping your thinking or meeting new professional contacts. You never know who you’ll bump into and what might come out of that interaction. Startups have found mentors, new partners, and even investors in coworking spaces.

Give one a try for yourself. Try a lite pass, day pass, or free trial and experience what a change in environment can do for your work habits and mindset!

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