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14 Best Coworking Spaces in Singapore for Freelancers and Startups

If you’ve ever sat down at your desk, ready to start a productive day of work from home, and found yourself pausing to go get a cup of coffee, talk to someone else, or clean up a bit because that clutter is just oh-so-distracting, you’ve nailed the core reason coworking spaces in Singapore have been increasingly in demand.

These office spaces are the perfect working environment because they’re clean, quiet, beautifully decorated, and designed with all the amenities you’d find in the most comfortable office you can imagine.

Coworking Spaces in Singapore for Digital Nomads and Startups
Coworking Spaces in Singapore for Digital Nomads and Startups

Singapore is consistently ranked as one of the top places to live and work. Why? It’s a city that runs like a well-oiled machine yet it’s fun to live in. Singapore combines Asia's charm with effective public services and… great coworking spaces!

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Coworking spaces come equipped with meeting rooms for privacy, fast and reliable internet access, office stationery (printers, paper, staplers, hole-punchers, etc.), pantries, and more. In a word, they come with amenities.

Shared office spaces are also increasing in popularity because they create an environment that encourages collaboration and networking. When was the last time you found someone from a different company in your office?

But the best part of using a coworking space is that they’re meant for literally anyone who needs to put pen to paper. Whether you’re a solo freelancer cranking out some work for a client, a solopreneur or a team building a budding startup, or even a student poring through research, coworking space has all the conveniences you need to work your hardest.

How does a coworking space work?

As opposed to renting out an entire office space as businesses have traditionally done, membership at a coworking space can be a more cost-effective solution for smaller enterprises.

You can usually reserve a specific space to work from regularly or “hot-desk” – meaning you pay a little less in exchange for working out of whichever spot is available. Once you’re in the door, you can usually expect to find:

  • Office equipment – basics like internet access, printers, scanners, projectors, and whiteboards

  • Amenities – extras like coffee, stocked pantries, and comfortable furniture

  • Conveniences – someone else maintains the cleanliness and tidiness of the space

  • Services – coworking spaces host events and usually have specialized services meant to help connect you with the people or tools you need, like staff who can help you network

  • Entertainment – you might find that your space provides arcade games or pool tables depending on the ambience of the space

  • Themed décor – different spaces are furnished with different company vibes in mind. Some are vibrant and modern, others are muted and timeless

Between all of these variables, it’s hard to label any one space as the “best” coworking space in Singapore. What’s best for you is usually not best for someone else, so you’ll need to decide which space suits your personal preferences (or company culture) the best.

What is the cost of coworking spaces in Singapore?

The price you can expect to pay for access to a coworking space depends on a few different factors and most spaces offer tiered pricing options depending on the services you expect to use.

These variables most commonly affect the price you can expect to pay:

  • Location – all the conveniences of the CBD mean prices trend up as you move closer, up to a minimum of $400 for a location in central CBD

  • Access – thankfully, prices usually scale with use and you can pay less if you only intend to work a few hours a week in the space (as opposed to full-time)

  • Available amenities and services – the more robust the space’s setup, the costlier. You don’t say!

All prices are shown in Singapore dollars (SGD)

If you only need a working space for the day, a day pass typically costs between $30 to $70.

Besides that, you can usually opt for a dedicated desk and pay more. If not, you can save some money and hot desk, working out of one of the desks that are available when you arrive.

If you opt for a dedicated desk, you’re looking at an average of at least $600 per month. Hot desks, however, run between $200 to $500 on average so they’re a little more cost effective if you need unlimited access to your workspace.

An entire office to yourself (and your staff/partners/colleagues) can cost anywhere between $800 to $3,000 per month. The nice thing is that it’s usually a flat rate that doesn’t account for how often you make use of the available amenities.

Specific prices for each space can be found in the list below, along with a short description of the available services and amenities that make it unique.

Top 14 Coworking Spaces in Singapore for Freelancers and Startups

These are the most popular coworking spaces in Singapore for a variety of reasons. Some are known for their spacious work areas, some for their aesthetics, some for the solutions and tools they provide as services. Most offer customizable pricing schemes and pricing tiers unique to their business, but you’ll find the standard choices or close alternatives below each listing.

Note that private office prices are typically listed per person, per month.

Image of The Hive Singapore, one of the Top 14 Coworking Spaces in our article.
Source: The Hive Singapore

1. The Hive

The Hive has multiple branches in Singapore and is proud to afford its users convenience with a great vista, wherever you choose to work. Their space is young, hip, and is excellent for freelancers, young professionals, and creators looking to expand their network.

Their main location, Hive Carpenter, has over 6 stories and a rooftop café overlooking Marina Bay.

Best For: Networking-friendly environment

Locations: Carpenter, Lavender

Rates: S$250 – hot desk | S$580 – dedicated desk | S$900 – private office

The Hive Coworking Space
The Hive Coworking Space

2. Distrii

Distrii’s offices in the heart of the CBD span an impressive 7 stories. Their facilities include the coworking spaces you expect, along with boardrooms, meeting rooms, a 2000-square-feet multipurpose event hall, and 2 food and beverage vendors (Hans Im Glück and the Mellower Coffee Bar).

The huge space and variety of facilities means Distrii has the rare capacity to handle the needs of large groups. They even have in-house engineers and architects to customize their dedicated office spaces to your needs.

Best For: Larger offices, meeting rooms, and workspaces

Locations: Republic Plaza

Rates: S$550 – hot desk | S$750 – dedicated desk | S$1,500 – private office

Distrii Coworking Space
Distrii Coworking Space

3. The Great Room

If you’re an individual or startup looking for accessibility, comfort, and community, The Great Room caters to these needs in unique fashion. Their pricing plans are also meant to cater to startups and solopreneurs. Their branches are planned by a hospitality designer, so expect chic, comfortable furniture and floor plans meant to increase casual collisions. They also host networking events to help build up their community and encourage entrepreneurs to make connections.

Best For: Networking and socializing events, hospitality theme Locations: One George Street, Centennial Tower, Ngee Ann City, Raffles Arcade, Afro-Asia Rates: S$70 – day pass | S$750 – hot desk | S$1,500 – private office Website:

The Great Room Coworking Space
The Great Room Coworking Space

4. ClubCo

ClubCo has two great attributes that work in tandem. First of all, they’re conveniently located in the center of the CBD.

Second, they price competitively with other coworking spaces in the area by only offering customized membership packages. That means you have to interact with ClubCo and address your needs and expectations with them and they’ll trim your costs as you cut services. This means you get an accessible, yet affordable workspace.

Best For: Central location, affordability

Location: Cecil Street Rates: S$40 – day pass | Variable Pricing

ClubCo Coworking Space
ClubCo Coworking Space

5. JustCo

If you’re comfortable working out of cozy, open café environments, you’ll find yourself at home in JustCo. Their workspaces are vibrant, comfortable, young, and JustCo prides themselves on their “instagrammable” quality.

With 17 locations (and counting!) their workspaces are extremely convenient for small enterprises, solopreneurs, and anyone who works on the go.

All of this comes with the added bonus that JustCo is willing to work with you and customize your membership packages so that they’re more cost friendly and you only pay for the services you need.

Best For: Young environment, customizable packages

Locations: Robinson Road, Collyer Quay, 5One Central, Raffles Quay, & more! Rates: S$398 – hot desk | S$750 – dedicated desk | S$800 – private office

JustCo Coworking Space
JustCo Coworking Space

6. The Working Capitol

The Working Capitol caters especially to fintech entrepreneurs and enterprises. They offer unique, custom, scalable solutions for fintech companies as a part of their model.

They’re also known for their excellent location – close to a number of convenient services like dining options, gyms, and malls – and their affordable, customizable membership packages. Best For: Nearby conveniences, affordability Location: Keong Saik Road Rates: S$255 – hot desk | S$700 – dedicated desk | S$760 – private office Website:

The Working Capitol Coworking Space
The Working Capitol Coworking Space

7. The Work Project

If you’ve ever wanted to work out of a five-star hotel without breaking the bank, you should acquaint yourself with The Work Project. Their offices mimic luxury hotels to optimize your work experience and are so beautiful, they’ve won awards.

They have 6 locations in Singapore, all centrally located in the CBD and situated in Grade A buildings. Best For: Workspace aesthetic Locations: OUE Downtown Gallery, Bugis, Capital Tower, Asia Square Tower 2, Great World City, CapitaGreen Rates: S$295 – parttime hot desk | S$395 – fulltime hot desk | S$765 – private office Website:

The Work Project Coworking Space
The Work Project Coworking Space

8. WeWork Singapore

WeWork caters to all kinds of entrepreneurs, freelancers, workers, and businesses. With 14 locations, WeWork’s services are incredibly accessible even if one of their locations is full.

They also have a variety of membership options, including the rare choice for you to pay as you go, meaning you can literally pay by the hour if you’d like.

Best For: Flexible pricing, multiple locations Locations: Jalan Besar, Prinsep Street, North Bridge Road, Raffles Place, Anson Road, & more! Rates: S$250 – hot desk | S$500 – dedicated desk | S$1,100 – private office Website:

WeWork Coworking Space
WeWork Coworking Space

9. The Co.

Visual clutter can be distracting and lower your efficiency at work. The Co. takes this idea and runs with it in their minimalist workspace so you can stay on track. This futuristic design goes hand-in-hand with their majority creative clientele. They also have a focus on community building and host social events meant to boost businesses and help you network.

Best For: Networking events, minimalist décor, creatives Location: Duxton Road Rates: S$45 – day pass | S$200 – 5-day pass | S$350 – unlimited access Website:

The Co. Coworking Space
The Co. Coworking Space

10. Found8

Found8’s coworking spaces are designed to encourage creativity and collaboration. They’re open, bright, and easily accessible. They also have staff members on board to help your business out, like a dedicated success member meant to help you connect with other, relevant Found8 members.

Their offices in both Malaysia and Singapore are also open to all of their members, so you can work across country lines with no issues.

Best For: Working across Malaysia and Singapore, collaborative work Locations: Amoy, High Street Centre, Tanjong Pagar

Rates: S$97 – part-time hot desk | S$530 – hot desk | S$963 – private office

11. CoQoons

The view from VivoCity of the ocean surrounding Singapore is beautiful and that’s one of the primary reasons that CoQoon has established itself somewhat farther from the CBD than most of its competitors.

Their space in Singapore’s southern hub houses up to 100 people and is open for use by its members 24/7, a

long with its slew of services (including an after-hours pool table and shower facility).

Best For: Small businesses and freelancers Location: VivoCity

Rates: S$380 – hot desk | S$620 – dedicated desk | S$700 – private office

CoQoons Coworking Space
CoQoons Coworking Space

12. The Cocoon Space

This is the ideal environment for designers, but caters just as well to other creatives. The Cocoon Space is equipped with cutting-edge design tools and equipment meant to enable designers and creators.

They have a library of materials and textiles as well as rooms with professional sewing equipment so you can bring your ideas to life.

The Cocoon also has special pricing plans

to cover a variety of needs, including lower pricing tiers meant for students.

Best For: Designers and creatives (and students) Location: Orchard Road

Rates: S$149.80 – student plan | S$ 535 – hot desk | S$ 642 – dedicated desk

The Cocoon Coworking Space
The Cocoon Coworking Space

13. Trehaus

Trehaus uniquely integrates both a coworking space and childcare facility for working parents with young children. Whether you’re a freelancer, entrepreneur, or corporate employee, their combination work-and-play facility caters to all working parents. Trehaus also regularly hosts a variety of events that cater both to business professionals as well as their younger clientele to foster community building.

Best For: Working parents Location: City Hall Rates: S$ 580 – hot desk | S$880 – dedicated desk | S$1800 – hot desk and childcare Website:

Trehaus Coworking  Space
Trehaus Coworking Space

14. Workbuddy

Workbuddy isn’t a single coworking space. Instead, it’s a network of coworking spaces so that members can access whichever is the most convenient for them at the moment. This impressive web currently incorporates over 40 separate coworking spaces. As such, there’s not much you can expect to find with Workbuddy, but you can try a variety of different spaces in order to find one that suits you.

Workbuddy also features a 1-week free trial so you can test out their service(s).

Best For: Multiple locations, convenience, affordability

Locations: Pioneer Centre, Keppel Bay Tower, CapitaGreen, MacPherson, Changi, & more!

Rates: S$129 – limited access | S$299 – unlimited access


Workbuddy Coworking Space
Workbuddy Coworking Space

Closing thoughts on Singapore's Coworking Spaces

Coworking spaces are a great alternative to a traditional office setting. They offer flexible access and flexible pay structures so that you can pay only for the services you want and only the hours that you need access to your office space.

Between the pleasant décor, unique services, central locations, and the convenience of having your office space kept clean and clutter-free, there isn’t much to lose by using a coworking space. Even students can benefit from a comfortable working environment, especially when that environment comes equipped with industry-leading tools.

On top of all that, the networking and community-building potential of shared office spaces means that small businesses, freelancers, and solopreneurs can easily find people with complementary skillsets to help flesh out their ideas and build their teams.

The rising popularity of coworking spaces in Singapore is irrefutable and with so many free trials or cost-effective pay-per-use options, there’s no reason not to try one for yourself and see just what the hype is all about.

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