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15 Best Coworking Spaces in Zagreb

Nestled within the heart of Croatia lies Zagreb, a bustling city that seamlessly blends old-world beauty with modern facilities, making it a great destination for digital nomads seeking inspiration and adventure. With a population of 800,000+ residents, Zagreb provides a lively cultural tapestry that celebrates its rich heritage while embracing modern advancements. The city's busy streets are dotted with ancient buildings, gorgeous parks, and a profusion of cafés and co-working spaces, creating an ideal setting for remote work.

Furthermore, Zagreb has an affordable cost of living, making it an appealing location for singles and couples alike. For lone travelers, the typical monthly expenditures are between $1,200 and $1,500 USD, whilst couples should anticipate to spend between $2,000 and $2,500 USD each month. Zagreb, with its friendly attitude, cheap lifestyle, and active digital community, serves as a beacon for digital nomads looking to strike a work-life balance in one of Europe's most charming cities.

Find Coworking Spaces in Zagreb
Find Coworking Spaces in Zagreb

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Why Coworking in Zagreb?

Coworking in Zagreb, Croatia, provides an unrivaled experience for digital nomads looking for a vibrant and inspirational work environment. With its dynamic environment, rich cultural legacy, and thriving startup sector, Zagreb stands out as a perfect location for anyone wishing to combine business and pleasure. One of the primary benefits of coworking in Zagreb is the lively community it develops. The city is home to a varied mix of entrepreneurs, freelancers, and remote workers from all over the world, which provides numerous networking possibilities and prospective partnerships. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a young entrepreneur, Zagreb's coworking spaces offer a friendly environment in which ideas blossom and relationships grow.

Zagreb's coworking environment has a vibrant and energetic culture, with various coworking spaces strategically placed across the city. These places not only provide well-equipped workspaces, but also hold frequent networking events, workshops, and gatherings, allowing for valuable contacts and partnerships. The spirit of camaraderie and support among Zagreb's coworking professionals fosters an inspirational atmosphere in which individuals may excel in their various areas. Furthermore, the city's open and inclusive culture makes digital nomads feel welcomed by the local population, which improves their coworking experience.

During downtime, digital nomads can immerse themselves in Zagreb's rich cultural tapestry by visiting historic landmarks like the iconic Zagreb Cathedral, wandering through the charming Upper Town streets, or taking a leisurely stroll down the picturesque Tkalciceva Street, which is lined with cozy cafes and boutique shops. The city's various museums, art galleries, and cultural sites allow visitors to immerse themselves in Croatia's rich history and creative legacy. Furthermore, Zagreb's active nightlife provides an ideal opportunity to unwind and mingle after a long day at work, with bustling clubs, live music venues, and cultural events dotting the cityscape. Furthermore, Croatia's strategic location at the crossroads of Central and Southeast Europe makes it an ideal starting point for exploring the area. 

What is the Cost of Coworking Spaces in Zagreb? 

Coworking spaces in Zagreb, Croatia, cater to a wide variety of budgets and preerences. Many coworking spaces provide day passes, which allow users to use the facilities for a single day. Day tickets in Zagreb typically cost between $10 and $20 USD, depending on the coworking space's features and location.

Monthly subscriptions are an affordable choice for digital nomads who expect to stay in Zagreb for a prolonged length of time. Monthly membership prices generally vary from $100 to $200 USD per month and include unrestricted access to the coworking space's amenities, such as high-speed internet, common workstations, meeting rooms, and networking events.

Some coworking spaces in Zagreb include private offices or dedicated desks for individuals or small groups that prefer additional privacy and a dedicated workspace. Private office leases normally range from $300 to $500 USD per month, depending on the size and location of the office.

What are the Best Coworking Spaces in Zagreb?

ALGEBRA SPARK Coworking Space, situated within the innovative Algebra campus in Zagreb, Croatia, offers a modern and dynamic work environment integrated into an academic and educational setting. Boasting a prime location in the western part of Zagreb's city center, this coworking space provides an attractive hub for professionals to conduct their business activities amid a community of over 3,000 students, trainees, and 500 IT and digital experts. With 12 offices featuring 2 to 5 workstations each, meticulously designed in collaboration with architectural experts, the space ensures a comfortable and productive work setting.

Additionally, it provides access to a range of resources within the campus, including conference rooms, telecommuting facilities, kitchen amenities, and spacious lobby areas. The space also offers natural light in every office, 24/7 access, lockers for personal belongings, and the convenience of underground parking, making it an ideal choice for individuals seeking a modern, well-equipped, and collaborative coworking environment in Zagreb

bee@work Business Centre offers a convenient and accessible workspace for companies and individuals requiring fast and easy access to their office. With its close proximity to the airport and major transport hubs, the center's strategic location ensures seamless connectivity to other parts of Croatia and Europe. Spanning over 1000m2, bee@work provides a range of office options for 2, 3, or 4 people, coworking offices, meeting rooms, and a large congress room, catering to diverse professional needs. The space is equipped with modern amenities including high-speed internet, heating, air conditioning, standing desks, a kitchen, phone booths, and free drinking water, offering a comfortable and functional work environment for individuals and businesses alike. 


BIZkoshnica Coworking, with two prime locations in Zagreb at Britanac (Ilica 71) and Tuškanac (Jabukovac 37), offers a charming and community-oriented coworking experience ideal for freelancers, startups, and professionals from diverse fields. This coworking space is designed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and provide a collaborative environment for individuals to grow and develop. BIZkoshnica offers a range of flexible workspace options including coworking spaces, private offices, and meeting rooms, catering to various professional needs. With a focus on supporting social entrepreneurship, the space provides business infrastructure and a platform for networking, idea-sharing, and partnership opportunities. Members can benefit from modern amenities such as state-of-the-art office equipment, meeting rooms, event spaces, and a vibrant community that encourages collaboration and growth. 

Element Int presents a versatile coworking space in the heart of Zagreb, Croatia, catering to the needs of architects, interior designers, and freelancers. The facility offers a range of workspace options, from desk rentals to separate offices, designed to accommodate the expansion and growth of small and medium-sized companies. Conveniently located just 200 meters from Trg bana Jelačića, the main square in Zagreb, Element Int provides an accessible and attractive environment for professionals and entrepreneurs. With its flexible configurations and rooms, this coworking space is well-equipped to meet the diverse needs of its occupants, making it an ideal hub for those seeking a dynamic and adaptable workspace in the vibrant city of Zagreb.

HUB385 stands as one of Zagreb's most established and diverse coworking spaces, fostering a collaborative environment for developers, creatives, innovators, and entrepreneurs. With a sprawling 2,500 square feet area, it offers 25 private offices, over 100 workspaces, and versatile conference venues suitable for various events. The space caters to a range of workspace needs, providing long-term office rentals, temporary workspaces, and virtual business address registration, all inclusive of numerous benefits at no extra cost. Notably, HUB385's modern venues are fully equipped and easily customizable for conferences, presentations, business meetings, and educational seminars. Additionally, the space's engaging atmosphere promotes innovation, collaboration, and networking, making it a prime choice for professionals aiming to work, connect, and thrive in the vibrant city of Zagreb.

Impact Hub Zagreb is a vibrant coworking space that provides a nurturing environment for passionate entrepreneurs and social innovators striving to create a positive impact. Since 2013, it has offered a peaceful and cozy workspace, along with support services focused on kick-starting or growing purpose-driven businesses and projects. Emphasizing sustainable and social innovation, the hub fosters a unique ecosystem of resources, inspiration, and collaboration opportunities, aligning with its commitment to building a more just and sustainable world. Through a combination of workspace, content, and community, Impact Hub Zagreb stands as a hub of creativity, innovation, and positive global change, offering a space for individuals, startups, and remote workers to collaborate, learn, and grow. With its focus on community, inspirational events, and open, flexible spaces, Impact Hub Zagreb is more than just a coworking space— it's a supportive and dynamic community that drives motivation and positive change.

Instant Office offers vibrant coworking spaces in Zagreb, providing professionals with a dynamic environment to work alongside like-minded individuals. With options for hot-desking in an open-plan setting or reserving dedicated desks in shared offices, the space caters to diverse working preferences. Fast internet, access to printers, and breakout areas ensure a conducive work environment, while regular networking and personal growth events facilitate collaboration and idea sharing. Additionally, the flexibility to rent workspaces for as little as an hour or a day, along with the absence of a minimum rental term, offers professionals the freedom to work on their terms. The ability to book coworking spaces in advance and the availability of dedicated desks and hot desks with varied usage options enhance convenience. 

Mydesk Coworking in Zagreb, Croatia, offers a modern and well-equipped office space with high-standard interiors, catering to professionals seeking flexible membership options, including 1-day, 5-day, 10-day, and 1-month packages. A unique feature of Mydesk is its all-inclusive pricing, covering amenities such as meeting rooms, adjustable desks, high-speed internet, parking, scan/print/copy facilities, personal lockers, BBQ and outdoor relaxing lounge, and a relaxation area. Additionally, Mydesk provides a peaceful and productive environment with accessibility around the clock, personal lockers, and a fully-equipped kitchen, ensuring a comfortable and convenient workspace. The space's commitment to flexibility and diverse membership options makes it an ideal choice for professionals seeking a dynamic and adaptable coworking environment in Zagreb.


Regus offers a vibrant coworking space in Zagreb, Croatia, allowing professionals to work in a diverse and collaborative environment. With options for dedicated desks in shared offices or flexible hot-desking in an open-plan setting, Regus caters to a variety of working preferences. The spaces come equipped with fast internet, printer access, and breakout areas, fostering a conducive work environment. Members can also benefit from regular networking events and personal growth opportunities. Additionally, Regus provides the flexibility to rent workspaces for as little as an hour, with no minimum rental term, allowing professionals to work on their terms. The availability of coworking memberships for individuals and teams further enhances the flexibility, making Regus an ideal choice for professionals seeking a dynamic and adaptable coworking environment in Zagreb.

SenoaHub is a stylish shared office space situated in the heart of Zagreb, providing a conducive environment for creative endeavors. Spanning 120 m2, the space comprises two spacious rooms for desk work and a smaller meeting room, all complemented by ample natural light and essential amenities like air conditioning and central heating. Additionally, the fully equipped kitchen and dining room offer convenience for lunch breaks, while the central location allows easy access to various dining and leisure options. SenoaHub offers flexible daily desk and meeting room packages, including long-term fixed desk rentals with a minimum 2-month contract, providing amenities such as printer use, free meeting room access, and customizable desk setup options. Testimonials highlight the positive experience of working at SenoaHub, praising the space for its beautiful ambiance, friendly atmosphere, and pet-friendly environment. 

SquareOne coworking provides a modern and vibrant workspace equipped with fully furnished offices, meeting rooms, and coworking desks, covering 1200m2. The space offers a range of amenities, including a tea kitchen, lounge bar, shower facilities, surveillance system, and a pet-friendly environment, catering to the needs of individuals and small teams. Additionally, SquareOne offers a legally valid postal address, professional company representation, mail acceptance, and additional business services, serving as an ideal solution for businesses seeking a prestigious business address in Croatia's key economic markets. With its central location, comprehensive amenities, and professional infrastructure, SquareOne provides a conducive environment for professionals to work, network, and elevate their business relations, making it an attractive choice for ambitious individuals and companies.

Travel & Technology HUB Gacka16 offers a unique coworking space designed for professionals in the travel and tourism industry. Situated in a vibrant location, the hub provides an innovative and collaborative environment for networking and productivity. With dedicated desk rentals, meeting spaces, and bicycle parking, it caters to the specific needs of digital nomads and entrepreneurs. Additionally, the space offers the opportunity to organize events on its attractive grass roof, providing an ideal setting for professional gatherings and celebrations. Travel & Technology HUB Gacka16 stands out as an excellent choice for individuals seeking a dynamic and industry-focused coworking space in Zagreb.

The Virtual Office coworking space in Zagreb, Croatia, offers professionals the opportunity to establish a prestigious business presence with a physical mailing address and a local telephone number. This space provides a range of services including mail gathering and forwarding, access to a local fax number, and call forwarding options, allowing individuals to maintain a professional image without the need for a physical office. Additionally, the space offers technology services such as virtual assistance, website domains, online phone systems, digital storage, and video conferencing, catering to the needs of modern businesses and entrepreneurs. With flexible packages and reduced costs compared to traditional offices, the Virtual Office in Zagreb provides an ideal solution for professionals seeking a professional business address and access to essential office services without the commitment of a physical office space.

WESPA Spaces is a dynamic coworking environment that offers a stimulating workspace for modern companies seeking a superior work experience. With a total area of 2600m2 spread over three floors, the space encompasses 320 office and semi-open workstations, 20 meeting rooms, and call booths. Beyond providing a conducive work environment, WESPA Spaces also focuses on rest and entertainment, offering spaces for leisure activities such as gaming and movie-watching, as well as 350 square meters of conference space. The complex also features a restaurant and café serving healthy, organic food daily. WESPA Spaces stands out as an all-encompassing HUB, comprising open space offices, coworking spaces, and independent offices, catering to diverse work needs and fostering a collaborative community. Additionally, the space supports the introduction of visas for digital nomads, aligning with modern trends in work and productivity. 

ZIP - Zagrebacki Inkubator Poduzetnistva is Croatia's first true coworking space designed specifically for startups, functioning as more of an incubator than just a workspace. Located at Zvonimirova 8, it offers open office spaces for startup teams and a room for lectures and presentations. The space aims to support pre-incubation startups that need 3 to 6 months or longer to develop their products, providing them with essential resources like internet connection, mentoring, and access to technology for project development. ZIP is funded through sponsorships and selects teams based on criteria such as innovation, market potential, team, and disruptiveness, ultimately offering the best teams the opportunity to present their projects at ZIP’s demo day. With a focus on promoting entrepreneurship and providing key resources, ZIP stands as a pioneering platform for aspiring entrepreneurs in Zagreb and Southeastern Europe.

Closing Thoughts on the Best Coworking Spaces in Zagreb

Coworking in Zagreb is more than simply work; it is about adopting a lifestyle that promotes balance and well-being. The city has a plethora of green places which offer several options for outdoor activity and leisure. For those seeking adventure, Croatia's magnificent coastline and unspoiled islands are only a short drive away, providing several options for island hopping, sailing, and discovering secret coves. Whether you like the vibrant energy of the city or the tranquil beauty of the Adriatic coast, coworking in Zagreb enables digital nomads to create their perfect work-life balance in an environment that fosters creativity and innovation.

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