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How to Customize Combo Charts in Looker Studio Reports

A combo chart is a single chart that combines two or more chart types; such as two line graphs, a bar graph and a line graph combined, or two bar graphs. A combo chart is great to use to show variations between two or more data sets / metrics and make it easier to view one piece of information displayed in connection to other data. For instance, you can compare sessions vs. conversions in one combo chart, or other metrics that you'd like. If you've been playing around with combo charts in Looker Studio reports, you might have questions about customizing the combo charts. This guide will show you the different ways of customizing combo charts in Looker Studio reports! Let's get started!


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In case you prefer to watch a video tutorial instead, here's one you can follow from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

Topics Covered:

Step 1: Click on the Insert menu and add a Combo chart

Step 2: Under the SET-UP column, select the dimension and metrics you would like to visualize

Step 3: Click on the STYLE column

Change the visualization between Bar and Line Chart

Series no. 1 and Series no. 2 represent the metrics in your chart, and we want to change the visualization for each series to be bar chart and line chart. First, we changed the metric sessions to be displayed as a bar chart.

Show data labels to visualize the values of your metrics

Change the Axis for metrics that are measured on a different scale

If you noticed, the metric bounce rate has not been displayed in the chart. This is because the bounce rate is in percentage form, whereas the sessions are in numeric form and are valued in the thousands. Since the number of the bounce rate is much smaller compared to the sessions, the bounce rate was not able to be displayed on the chart. We have to add the axis in order to display two metrics with a high discrepancy in values.

Navigate to Series no.2 and change the style to line chart and place it on the Right Axis. You can also show the data labels for a line chart.

Change the colors of each series accordingly

Remove the Gridlines

Customize the font and color of the Legends

Add a filter to narrow down the data displayed on the chart

For example, if we were to create the same chart with the dimension Country, then the chart would look very cluttered due to a large number of countries (data points for the chart). In this case, we would usually add a filter to narrow down the data.

Under the SET-UP column, click on "Add a filter" and "Create new filter" then enter your conditions.

For example, we will create a filter for "Over >10,000 Sessions".

Now we can see that the chart has been filtered down to only countries with over 10,000 sessions.


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