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How to Import Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Conversions to Google Ads

Once you're done configuring conversions in Google Analytics 4, you can import these conversions into Google Ads. This will allow you to see your Analytics conversion data in Google Ads and helps Google Ads to optimize the Smart Bidding bids. This quick guide will show you step-by-step (with screenshots) on how to import Google Analytics 4 (GA4) conversions to Google Ads!


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In case prefer watching a video tutorial instead, you can also find our quick 4-minute tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

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Before we get started, there are some things that we need to configure:

Prerequisite 1: Link your GA4 account to Google Ads

1. Navigate to Admin in Google Analytics

2. Select "Google Ads links" under Property

3. Click on "Link"

4. Click on "Choose Google Ads accounts"

5. Choose the Google Ads account that you want to link with your Google Analytics 4 property and click "Confirm"


Prerequisite 2: Set up Event Tracking in Google Analytics 4

1. Navigate to Admin in Google Analytics

2. Navigate to "Events" under Property

3. Find the events that you want to import to Google Ads and mark the event as conversions.

Once that's done, we can start setting up in Google Ads!

How to Import Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Conversions to Google Ads

Step 1: Navigate to Google Ads and click on "Tools and Settings"

Step 2: Select Conversions under the Measurement Column

Step 3️: Click on "New conversion action"

Step 4️: Select "Import"

Step 5️: Select "Google Analytics 4 Properties, Web" and click "Continue"

Step 6️: Select the Conversions to import and click "Import and Continue"

Once you click Done, the conversions will be tracked in Google Analytics 4 as well as on your Google Ads account.


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