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Top 2 Startup Accelerators & Incubators in Paraguay

Over the last few years, Paraguay has experienced a surge in entrepreneurial activity, thanks to a youthful, tech-savvy populace and a favorable business climate. Furthermore, renowned organizations such as the National University of Asunción's Business Incubator (INCUNA) and the Indie Games Accelerator (IGA) foster innovation by providing specialized mentorship, access to cutting-edge technology, and strategic business development services. In this article, we have compiled a comprehensive list of all incubator and accelerator programs in Paraguay that are accelerating startup growth in the country, along with a short overview to help you find a suitable program!

Find Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Paraguay
Find Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Paraguay

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Full list of ideation to growth stage startup incubators and accelerators in Paraguay:

  • Stage: Ideation / Launch

  • Who is it for: Aspiring entrepreneurs with an idea and seeking cofounder / Early startup with a team

  • Need to have an idea: Yes

  • Focus: Sector Agnostic

  • Application Link

The Business Incubator at Paraguay's National University of Asunción (INCUNA) is committed to supporting innovation and entrepreneurship by offering full startup support. INCUNA's key goals include supporting early-stage businesses, encouraging economic growth, and pushing technical innovation in the region.

The program provides participating businesses with a variety of benefits, including access to cutting-edge facilities, mentorship from seasoned industry experts, and important networking opportunities. INCUNA also offers personalized company development services such as strategy planning, market analysis, and financial coaching to assist companies in scaling and succeeding. INCUNA's collaborative ecosystem enables entrepreneurs to turn unique ideas into sustainable enterprises, therefore contributing to Paraguay's economic growth and diversity.

  • Stage: Launch

  • Who is it for: Early startup with a team

  • Need to have an idea: Yes

  • Focus: Games

  • Application Link

The Indie Games Accelerator (IGA) program in Paraguay is a dynamic initiative aimed at accelerating the growth of early-stage game creators and entrepreneurs in the independent gaming sector. The program's key goals include stimulating creativity, improving game production abilities, and increasing the worldwide competitiveness of Paraguayan indie games.

IGA provides a slew of advantages to participating businesses, including access to cutting-edge technology, coaching from seasoned industry professionals, and exclusive networking opportunities with major participants in the gaming industry. Furthermore, the program offers complete help in areas such as game design, monetization techniques, and user acquisition, all targeted to the specific needs of independent game producers.

Closing Thoughts on Startup Incubators and Accelerators in Paraguay

Though there are not as many startup accelerators or incubator available in Paraguay, these major institutions are paving the way for the startups in Paraguay.

They offer various benefits to entrepreneurs, including seed capital, coworking spaces, and vital networking opportunities with investors and industry experts. These programs are designed to address the particular issues that early-stage entrepreneurs faces, providing them with the skills and contacts they need to grow their firms. The collaborative environment generated by these efforts promotes information exchange and cooperation, resulting in a strong support structure for entrepreneurs to grow.


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