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Aggregated Event Measurement in Meta Ads Manager

If you're worried about the latest iOS 14 and 15 updates making your Meta Ads tracking inaccurate, then fret not, as Meta Ads actually has a tool to help you with that. The Aggregated Event Measurement tool in Meta Ads is a way to make sure that the software prioritizes certain events and conversions and therefore tracks events as accurately as it can. If that's exactly what you're looking for, then read on as this easy, step-by-step guide (with screenshots) will show you how to configure the Aggregated Event Measurement in Meta Ads Manager!


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Also, here's a 5-minute video tutorial you can follow from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

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What you need to get started to configure Aggregated Event Measurement in Meta Ads Manager

Before we get started, there are some things you need to complete beforehand. We have listed all the prerequisites below which you can click to head onto the Youtube tutorial for set up!

Once you're done with the setup, you're ready to configure the Aggregated Events Measurement!

Step 1: Navigate to Events Manager

1. Navigate to your Facebook Business Manager and go to your Events Manager. This is where all the tracking is recorded.

2. Navigate to Data Sources and select the Pixel you'd like to configure. Here, you will find the table with all the events that you're currently tracking

Step 2: Select Aggregated Event Measurement

Step 3: Click on "Configure Web Events"

Step 4: Select your domain & click on "Manage Events"

Aggregated Event Measurement is set up by domain, which is why you need to have your domain verified as a prerequisite.

1. Select your domain and click on Manage Events.

2. Click on Edit.

Step 5: Place the events in order from highest to lowest priority

1. Click on Add Event. You can add 8 events to prioritize as displayed by the Events slots.

2. Choose the actions that are of the highest priority from the dropdown menu and add the events.

For example, we can set the action "Complete Registration" is of the highest priority, "Add to Cart" as the second priority, and "View Content" as the third priority.

By setting the highest and lowest priority, for the events that are set as the highest priority, Facebook will provide you with more accurate tracking. As you only have a bandwidth of 8 events per domain to track, you have to carefully select and prioritize the 8 most important actions that you want people to take on your website.

Step 6: Click on "Apply"


And that's it! It is super simple to set up, yet super significant to make sure your campaign tracks the most accurate results and works better for you. We hope this quick tutorial will help you to boost your marketing campaigns further!


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