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How to Set Up the LinkedIn Insights Tag via Google Tag Manager (GTM)

If you're getting started with LinkedIn Campaigns and would like to unlock LinkedIn Insights, we've got a quick tutorial for you. We will show you how to install the LinkedIn Insights Tag via Google Tag Manager easily and simply (with screenshots!) that you can implement in under 5 minutes. Let's jump right in!


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But first, if you find video tutorials more helpful, here's a 4-minute tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

Topics Covered:

What you need to get started with installing LinkedIn Insights using GTM

To get started, you will need access to the Google Tag Manager and LinkedIn Campaign Manager accounts. In case you haven't, here are some links you can follow to set up these two accounts:

Now let's get started with the actual tutorial of setting up LinkedIn Insights via GTM.

Step 1: Navigate to your LinkedIn Campaign Manager

Step 2: Click on Account Assets and select Insights Tag

Step 3: Select the option to install the Tag via a Tag Manager

1. Click on See my Insight Tag

2. Select I will use a tag manager

Step 4: Copy the Partner ID

Step 5: Navigate to your GTM and Add a new Tag

1. Navigate to Google Tag Manager and click on Add a new tag

2. Name the tag

Step 6: Select LinkedIn Insight as the Tag

1. Click on Tag Configuration

2. Choose tag type: LinkedIn Insight

Step 7: Paste the Partner ID in the Insight Tag ID box

Step 8: Select "All Pages" as the Trigger

1. Click on Triggering

2. Select All Pages

3. Click Add

Step 9: Save the Tag

This is how the tag should look when it is completed. Now we have a LinkedIn Insights Tag with the unique Partner ID and the trigger has been selected as All Pages. Don't forget to save the configuration.

Step 10: Submit and Publish your Google Tag Manager Container

Submit and publish the GTM to send the changes to the live version of the website.


There you have it! A simple, fuss-free, step-by-step guide on how to set up LinkedIn Insights Tag using Google Tag Manager. Follow along and you'll be ready to track your ad performance and gain numerous insights to supercharge your LinkedIn campaigns!


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