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How to Connect Meta Ads Lead Forms with Google Sheets via Zapier (Facebook/Instagram Lead Forms)

If you've been doing Lead Generation ads in Meta Ads and you've been painstakingly transferring the data manually to Google Sheets, then this guide is for you! We will show you how to connect your Facebook / Instagram lead forms to Google Sheets and transfer the data in real time via Zapier! No matter how many questions (fields) you have in your lead forms, you can transfer these data to Google Sheets automatically via Zapier.

As a disclaimer, you will need to have a paid Zapier subscription to connect your Meta Ads Lead Form with Google Sheets via Zapier. Now, without further ado, let's get started!


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In case you find yourself in need of some video guidance, here's a tutorial from XYZ Lab's Youtube Channel!

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Step 1️: Create a Lead Form (Instant Form) in Meta Ads

In this example, we will be using our "Co-Founders Matching" lead form.

Step 2️: Create a new Google Sheets document

Step 3️: In your Google Sheets document, name a column as per each form field

For example, our lead form includes questions such as first name, email, phone number, and what are you looking for; so we will input the column according to these fields.

Zapier Setup:

Step 1️: Navigate to Zapier and create a New Zap

Step 2️: Select "Facebook Lead Ads" as the trigger and "New Lead" under the Event

Step 3️: Connect your Meta Ads account with Zapier

If this is the first time you're connecting your Meta Ads account with Zapier, then the system will prompt you to log in to your Meta Ads.

Step 4️: Select your Page and Form

Click on the dropdown to find the page where your form lives and the form that you want to connect with Google Sheets.

Step 5️: Test your Trigger

If the system says they found a lead, it means a connection has been successfully established.

Step 6️: Under Action 2, select Google Sheets and select "Create Spreadsheet Row" under Event

Once somebody submits a lead, we want the second action to connect and transfer the data to Google Sheets.

For the Event, every time somebody submits the form, we want to create a new spreadsheet row.

Step 7️: Connect your Google account

Step 8️: Connect your Google Drive and select the Document (Google Sheets) and tab where the lead form data will be transferred

Here, we selected our Drive where the document resides and selected the "Test Lead Generation" spreadsheet we created previously. Since there is only one worksheet, we select "Sheet1" to paste our data. If you have more worksheets in the document, then you should select the one where you want your lead form data to be pasted.

Step 9️: Under each field (column), select the Meta Ads Lead Form data to be pasted once the form is submitted

We want to specify what type of data to transfer in each column (i.e. match the Meta Ads Lead Form fields to our Google Sheets columns).

Step 10: Test your Trigger and Publish your Zap

Even if you don't have any submissions yet, the system will create dummy submissions for testing.

If the setup is correct, you'll find this dummy submission in the connected Google Sheets document.

You can name and publish the Zap.


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