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20 Best Coworking Space in Buenos Aires for Digital Nomads and Startups

Digital nomads adore Buenos Aires. Its European vibe with Latin American personality makes it a great destination for anyone looking for a change of scene. Inexpensive for remote workers who earn in USD or EUR, many choose it because of their high-skilled workers to collaborate or network with. That’s why we have gathered for you the top 20 coworking spaces in Buenos Aires, and we are sure that they will suit your needs.

Coworking Spaces in Buenos Aires for Digital Nomads and Startups
Coworking Spaces in Buenos Aires for Digital Nomads and Startups

Topics covered:

Some clarification on Argentina’s exchange rate and prices

A parallel exchange rate exists for locals and foreigners in terms of the value of the Argentine peso (ARS). If you pay by card, you will probably get an exchange rate of USD 1 = ARS 150 (approx.), but if you go through the parallel market, the value of the ARS can go up to 300. Read here a little more on Argentina’s exchange rate policy.

Argentina is currently undergoing a high inflationary cycle in its economy. This means that rates are not usually fixed previously, being constantly updated for inflation. Most of these spots will vary in price depending on the moment of the year or how many people are leasing the space. These organizations tend to negotiate the price on a case-to-case basis. In the cases where rates are mentioned, they are monthly rates, unless mentioned otherwise.

Given these two factors, we recommend you discuss prices with each organization. In the meantime, you will see big variances in rates below when listed. Those are explained by the dual-exchange value situation.

Top 20 Coworking Spaces in Buenos Aires

Let’s dive into the great coworking spots in this amazing city.

Top 20 coworking spaces in Buenos Aires:

Self-proclaimed as a hub for entrepreneurs, AreaTres is located at the heart of Palermo. Its two sites work as a networking community for startups and independent professionals looking to grow their businesses.

  • Best for: entrepreneurs, tech start-ups

  • Neighborhood: Palermo

  • Locations:

  • Rates: depending on your need, you can choose between:

    • Desk: USD 230 + VAT (fixed or dedicated desk)

    • Office: USD 1200 + VAT (private offices for 3-50 people)

    • Labs: currently unavailable, was USD 178 + VAT, last time (tables or working areas for groups)

    • Flex: currently unavailable, was USD 178 + VAT, last time (flex desk so you can choose different locations for each day)

An established player in the business, WeWork offers multiple locations to work in Buenos Aires. With four offices in the city and its greater area, its open design is ideal for digital nomads who are thinking of trying their multiple locations while visiting the city. Plus, you get 24/7 access to your office.

HIT has 8 offices all around Buenos Aires. With a modern skyscraper-like design, its flexible system allows you to reserve your spot on the many floors in each site. Each of its locations is packed with all the necessary services for you and/or your team.

  • Best for: independent teleworkers, tech, and medium-sized companies.

  • Neighborhood: Nuñez, Belgrano, Palermo, Cañitas, Parque Patricios, Vicente López (Greater Buenos Aires Area)

  • Locations:

    • HIT Ugarte: Manuel Ugarte 2110, C1428BSF CABA

    • HIT Cowork: La Pampa 1391, C1428 CABA

    • HIT Libertador: Av. del Libertador 8620, C1429 CABA

    • HIT Migueletes: Migueletes 2423, C1428ASM CABA

    • HIT CEL: Av. del Libertador 7208, C1429BMS CABA

    • HIT 8: Uspallata 2891, C1437JCE C1437JCE, Buenos Aires

    • HIT Tecno: C1260ACA, Avenida Chiclana 3355, Av. Chiclana 3345, C1260ACA CABA

    • HIT Pirelli: Torre IRSA, Maipú 1300, C1006 CABA

  • Rates: upon request.

Urban Station calls itself the first space for mobile workers, or digital nomads looking to change how they work. They are fully equipped for the occasion, even offering a micro-cinema for conferences. Plus, its global approach can help you connect with locals.

An alternative yet complete coworking spot, GoWork resides at the heart of the Almagro neighborhood. A pet-friendly location, it offers flexibility beyond a desk and places to sit for work. It is a cozy environment aimed especially at local or traveling workers looking to mix with the crowd.

  • Best for remote workers looking for more chill coworking places.

  • Neighborhood: Almagro

  • Location: GOWORK Coworking: Gallo 353, C1172 ABG, Buenos Aires

  • Rates: upon request

With its own community all over Argentina, La Maquinita is a great network to meet fellow office-less workers. Plus, they have many locations available in the city, as well as any service you might need. Check with them for a trial day on their premises.

High-speed internet, phone booths, reception, anything you need is at Usina Co-Work. This place works great for tech workers who are inspired by some green around them, as their facilities are quite surrounded by nature.

  • Best for big teams, digital nomads, and those who like some green among concrete.

  • Neighborhood: Villa Crespo

  • Location: Usina Coworking: Castillo 1366, Buenos Aires

  • Rates: USD 50-250 + VAT

With a chill vibe, Manawa works better for creative workers who enjoy some relaxation in the middle of creation. It is also listed as an LGBT-friendly spot, something that can be said about Palermo in general.

  • Best for: freelancers, digital nomads, students, or artists

  • Neighborhood: Palermo

  • Location: Manawa Coworking Creativo: Nicaragua 4817 Primer Piso, C1414 CABA

  • Rates:

    • Day rate (for desk): USD 7-14

    • Month (for desk): USD 60-100

    • Private office: USD 500 - 730

    • Virtual office: USD 20-30

    • Meeting room for a fixed time a day: USD 7-14

An all-inclusive office, La Ofi’s team wants you to focus on your work and they will do the rest. A bright and clean environment, you might want to check this one out if you need a professional ambiance for back-to-back call days.

  • Best for: entrepreneurs, sales profiles, and people who live in meetings.

  • Neighborhood: Downtown (Microcentro), Ramos Mejía, Ituzaingó (Greater Buenos Aires Area)

  • Locations:

  • Rates: upon request

Ronda Coworking is the place for entrepreneurs or anyone looking to grow their businesses. Its secure facilities and comfy amenities allow you to focus on your company’s next steps. Collaboration is the core of Ronda’s philosophy, helping you connect with future partners or strategic advisors.

11. Join

Freelancers and small business owners will find comfort in Join Coworking’s premises. Any service you might need can be found in this beautiful and modest coworking space.

  • Best for small business owners, freelancers

  • Neighborhood: Belgrano

  • Location: Join Coworking: Cuba 2737, C1428AES CABA

  • Rates:

    • Full (desk + 6 meeting hours a month): USD 70-100

    • Day rate (for desk): USD 7-14 + VAT

    • Meeting room lease: USD 8-16 + VAT

    • Virtual office: USD 15-30 + VAT

    • Virtual office: USD 18-36 + VAT

12. Huerta

Self-defined as a relaxed community of professionals and entrepreneurs, Huerta owes its name to “Vegetable Plot”. Indeed, this coworking space has tons of sunlight and green to motivate creative profiles and provide them with the necessary tools to work. Plus, they are planning to open a third spot in November 2022 (in Palermo as well).

  • Best for: creative digital nomads and entrepreneurs who prefer a more “natural” lifestyle.

  • Neighborhood: Palermo, Downtown (Microcentro)

  • Locations:

  • Rates: upon request (here for Downtown, and here for Palermo)

13. Workey

If you are loving the European architecture in Buenos Aires, you can work in one of those beautiful classic buildings here at Workey. All the perks of every coworking spot in a unique site.

  • Best for: independent workers and entrepreneurs looking for deluxe experiences.

  • Neighborhood: Downtown (Microcentro)

  • Location: Workey, La cupula: Av. Pres. Roque Sáenz Peña 616 Piso 10, C1035 AAO, Buenos Aires

  • Rates: upon request.

Positioned strategically in Buenos Aires' downtown area, this coworking office has a modern look and flexible options. It is also marked as a women-run business, something not many can claim.

  • Best for: digital nomads, women entrepreneurs

  • Neighborhood: Downtown (Microcentro)

  • Location: GMG Coworking: Moreno 1808, C1094 CABA

  • Rates:

    • Fiscal address: USD 12-23 + VAT

    • GMG partners: USD 20-40 + VAT

    • Gold: USD 35-66 + VAT

    • Platinum: USD 40-80 + VAT

Of course, there is a lot of room for innovation in coworking. Joy Cowork wants to strike a balance between collaboration and enjoyment, and the effort shows in their dynamic offices.

  • Best for: digital nomads, workers looking to enjoy while working.

  • Neighborhood: Palermo

  • Location: Joy Cowork: Av. Dorrego 864, C1414 C1414CKQ, Buenos Aires

  • Rates: upon request.

Not many digital nomads know about Parque Centenario, one of Buenos Aires' most beautiful parks. Not far from it, you will find Espacio Centenario Coworking. With a particular focus on entrepreneurs, this coworking hub can suit your professional needs and help you grow your business.

  • Best for entrepreneurs, startups, keynote speakers, and lecturers

  • Neighborhood: Parque Centenario

  • Location: Espacio Centenario Coworking: Av. Angel Gallardo 551, C1414 CABA

  • Rates:

    • Individual fixed spot: USD 50-95 + VAT

    • Startup (up to 10 people): USD 60-110 + VAT

    • Exclusive private spot: USD 350-460 + VAT

    • Courses and lectures (up to 24 attendees): USD 15-27 + VAT

Packed with events and amenities, Teamworks has two spots right in the most strategic corner of the city. If you own a medium business or your work consists of daily meetings, this professional space is for you.

With its weekly internal meetings, Coreworks wants to create a community and ensure you are networking. Plus, its many memberships are sure to adapt to digital nomads and entrepreneurs alike.

  • Best for: digital nomads, entrepreneurs looking to network

  • Neighborhood: Barrio Norte

  • Location: Coreworks CoWorking: Av. Córdoba 1351 Piso 3 y 5, C1055 CABA

  • Rates: upon request.

You might not be as familiar with the Abasto zone, one of the most transited sections of the city. Still, it is a great place to base your office, and Abasto Office can do this for you. The location is convenient, and they advertise themselves as affordable, so you might want to check them out.

  • Best for: digital nomads on a budget

  • Neighborhood: Almagro (Abasto)

  • Location: Abasto Office: Ecuador 391, C1214ACC CABA

  • Rates: Open and Premium desk prices should be requested. Otherwise:

    • Mailbox A: USD 35

    • Mailbox + phone reception: USD 70

    • Virtual office starter: USD 120

Centered on its community, People Coworking is a nice and open environment to meet collaborators. New entrepreneurs should find a good home here, especially younger ones.

  • Best for: young and innovative entrepreneurs.

  • Neighborhood: Caballito

  • Location: People Coworking: Rivadavia 4975, C1424 CABA

  • Rates:

    • Part-time: USD 30-50

    • Full-time: USD 50-90

    • Premium desk: USD 50-80

    • 3-times a week: USD 40-70

Closing thoughts on the best coworking spaces in Buenos Aires

These are some of the many convenient spots to mix and mingle with the international and local digital nomad community in Buenos Aires. We tried to cover different neighborhoods as well as the most important hubs for coworking in the city of Tango. Make sure to try them when you visit Argentina, one of the many Latin American top destinations for location-independent workers.

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